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TuesdoLinks: An Angels win & Pujols homers again, deep in the heart of Texas

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Hey party people. It's your boy, Mayhem. Stirrups is sick as a dog right now, so I'm doing a little fill-in action for his HaloLinks today. Make sure to send all your good vibes and get well wishes his way, but in the meantime, we got some links, so let's just dig right on in.

Freaky Bees: Tim Lincecum is on his way now, having pitched a couple sim games already, and yesterday we found out that he's going to meet up with the SLC Bees soon. Expect his first rehab start to be June 2nd or 3rd.

Catching up with a Ranger in the land of Rangers: Albert Pujols hit homer #569 last night, which tied him with ex-Ranger Rafael Palmeiro on the all-time HR list, in the #12 slot. Good job, El Hombre. (That homer also accounted for all of the Angels' runs, so doubly good job)

No 1B no cry: Speaking of Pujols, it looks like he's producing much better when he's playing 1B, not DH. That's good. What IS NOT good is the fact that it's harder on his body, which is why Mike Scioscia is sticking with the plan to DH him regularly. Pujols is probably not a fan, but he's just going to have to swallow that pride. Or play 1B and get injured, eventually.


Everywhere In Baseball

Ya down with IBB?: The MLB wants to implement some changes in IBB rules. Some people really, really don't want that opportunity for wackiness to leave the game.

Not the face!: Ryan Vogelsong of the Pirates took a pitch to the face yesterday and had to be carted off the field. Looked pretty brutal.

Anthem fiasco: The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus got a raw deal when they tried to perform the national anthem at the Padres game over the weekend, but Outsports says it's not some grand scheme on the Padres' part. It was just run-of-the-mill incompetence.

Donaldson aint down with the bean ball: Josh Donaldson shares his thoughts on the MLB's "bean ball" culture. He's got some good points. On the other hand, he is a guy that grabs his crotch while shouting for opposing managers to "S*** my ****", so whateve

The Nice Guys: Jason Heyward hooked up Cubs catcher David Ross with a retirement gift that was so sweet and touching, it made Ross cry. That's good stuff right there.

Uh Oh: Alex Gordon, one of the off-season's bigger OF free agents, is going to be out for 3-4 weeks. See? We're not the only team that gets injuries, guys. Feel better? No? Nevermind.

UHHHH OHHHHHH: Josh've heard of him, right? Well, prepare the fainting couch for the news i'm about to drop. HE'S INJURED!!! Even worse, he needs knee surgery and is going to miss the entire season. He will still get over $20 million for being put up on a shelf, though. Must be nice. Must. Be. Nice.

Hey, it's Bob Dylan's birthday! Bob is 75 years old today, and is still a national treasure. Here's one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs(that you maybe haven't heard a billion times already):