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HumpLinks: Chacin chasing first Angels W

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Jhoulys Chacin gave another decent outing for a 5th starter, now averaging 3 runs an outing after three start. The rest of the team has yet to get behind him en masse and roll him a W.

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Hello again. I'm back. Better than yesterday, but not yet best, Thanks to Josh for stepping in. Let's see if I can keep this short and sweet and make it back to bed.

Hey Jhoulys, I know that you are doing pretty well in that 5th slot. And I know that you don't have much to show for it, with no W's. Yet. But, dude, it could be worse. You could still be playing for the Braves. And collecting L's.


I am kinda pissed that I missed the chance to make fun of the Rangers for helping Arte recoup some of his bad investment by paying good money for a broken Josh Hamilton. Hambone may never play again. Or, if he does, it might not be in Arlington. And Arte appreciates the $6 million that the Rangers are gifting him for a guy they con't use, either.

Have some Joke's-on-Everybody Links:


Everywhere In Baseball

Cajones: This takes moxie beyond the pale. The Marlins are the team infamous for selling snake oil to the citizens of Florida and duped them into gifting the franchise an expensive playground (promising winning teams only to dump almost all their talent immediately afterwards). That, apparently, is not enough. It appears they then pulled the bait and switch on their premium season ticket holders. But we are still not done. After one of these duped season ticket holders decides to refuse to keep paying for those services and amenities now removed, the Marlins have decided to sue their own fan. Oh, and some of the vendors they lied to who have subsequently gone bankrupt because of it, too.............

Lack of Cajones: The Twins suck. Sure, they swept the Angels, but the Angels are recovering. The Twins refuse. They simply suck.  And so it is pretty weak shit for one of those sucky players to call out a defenseless team broadcaster for failing to adequately slobber on behalf of their (not so) stellar performance..........

Skoal!: Speaking of lawsuits, the family of Tony Gwynn is taking on Big Tobacco for Gwynn's untimely death. Never mind there is no scientific link between smokeless tobacco and the cancer that killed Gwynn, all it takes is the right jury.............

Bean Bagging: Maybe the D'Backs are right about teams taking cheap shots at them, after all. It's not often that we have a pitcher beaning not just one opposing batter in the head. but two in the same game............

Beans: We now have an officially coffee. And somehow that coffee is not Seattle-based, but Los Angeles-based. Not drinking my official coffee while not wearing my official socks makes my life complete..............

Dogs: Odubel Herrera, you are not as good as Mike Trout. And if Mike Trout can't see a reason to dog it to first base, you need to not dog it to first base, either............

Tanks: Just a reminder that although MLB does not allow teams to trade draft picks, it does allow teams to trade draft picks. Teams can trade compensatory picks. And when a team is bent on tanking, it's great to find ways to trade away your functional talent in order to get more picks AND more slot money to sign those picks. Such it is with the Atlanta Braves. If you are going to tank, tank big............


The Duffle Bag

So maybe everybody overreacted just a wee bit down there in San Diego, no?..........You wish you had a strong veteran pitcher on the mound these days? You had one. You aren't going to get him back..........Nice guys finish. First, last or indifferent they still all finish. Such it finally is with Shane Victorino..........Keep reaching, Yankee fan. It's only a matter of a couple more years before you are all hoping to recall Derek Jeter as a kind of a mini Mike Trout, much unlike what you are trying to do these days. And that includes you, Billy Eppler............Japanese baseball fans are weird. But bless them, they know how to keep baseball fun!.......... You know what we need more of? Unions in baseball. The managers, they don't have one and look how abused they all are...........Kids having fun playing baseball? What's our world coming too???????????