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Tim Lincecum set to have two starts in AAA, then his Angels debut against the Indians

Tim Lincecum was in Tempe this morning to get in a start with the rookie ball Angels, facing the rookie ball Mariners, and it looks like he got a good workout. Tim pitched five innings, throwing 75 pitches in the process, and gave up two runs right towards the end of his day. His velocity was sitting around the 87-91 mph mark, as expected, but he's still got plenty deception and movement to keep batters on their toes.

We're kind of getting a more clear timeline now, regarding that landmark day when The Freak make his first Halos start, so there's also that good news. According to beat writer Pedro Moura, there are going to be a couple more starts in the minors, specifically AAA Salt Lake City, before his Anaheim debut. June is going to be a fun month, it seems:

So two starts with the Bees, and then we can expect to see the dude in action, in an LA uniform. I'm surprisingly optimistic about Lincecum's chances of legitimately helping the team; that's not normally my M.O. but the guy can still make hitters miss, and as far as the injuries, if Scott friggin' Kazmir can have a career comeback, then Lincecum can, too.

Now it's that part of the article where you close this window and go see how much some tickets to the June 12th game would set you back.