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Ji-Man needs to shuffle on to Baltimore

Daniel Nava will be coming back from the the DL shortly, then Craig Gentry. It's either Ji-Man or Ortega on the chopping block

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Nava wasn't on the big league roster for long before getting hurt, but he had an amazing spring and was doing a pretty good job up until he went down.  Some time soon (probably this weekend), he'll be rejoining the roster and someone will have to go.

Rafael Ortega was called up to fill in when Nava went on the DL and has been pretty great with a .348 OBP and only 4 Ks in 47 plate appearances.  Not to mention - his arm!  Shane Robinson, seems like the obvious choice since he was just called up with Gentry went on the DL.

But what happens when Gentry comes back??

Ji-Man Choi, for his part, is batting .077 with a .333 OBP in only 18 plate appearances.  Yes, he has drawn 5 walks in that time, but hasn't done much else.  He's certainly not very good in LF, and we already have a backup at 1B in Cron, who probably isn't going anywhere any time soon.

The problem with Ji-Man Choi, is that he is a Rule 5 pick, which means if the Angels don't keep him on the big league roster, he has to be given back to Baltimore.  I say - so?  Is that a bad thing?  Yes, Ortega can be optioned back down to AAA and we keep both of them, but do we really want to go another season with a Rule 5 pick that is mostly just taking up space?  I want to like Choi.  I want to see what he can do, but is it worth it?  Will Choi really contribute that much to the Angels this year that is worth keeping a good player like Ortega down in Salt Lake?