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Early All Star Game voting: Mike Trout, and a whole bunch of Royals (again)

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Man, time flies when you're having some fun, but also a lot of headaches. I'm referring, of course, to the 2016 season; it seems like yesterday that we were preparing for Spring Training, looking over this team and getting worried, or putting on our best hype man faces, counting the days until the first pitch was thrown. Just like that, we're in June, and that means we are at that point of the season where we talk about All Star Game voting, and depending on which team you root for, we start talking about how horrible it is, or how awesome it is.

Since we're Angels fans, we're definitely in the former camp, if anything, although to be precise, we're probably in the "Eh, whatever dude" camp. Still, we've got a preliminary look at the voting, and how things are looking right now for the various stars of the American League. Just like last year, it's looking really, really blue.

Hey, MIKE TROUT!!! I know that dude!

Beyond Mr. Trout, the league's best player, there is nary an Angels player in sight...but are we surprised? Nah, not really. The only thing i'm surprised at by this is that there aren't more Royals players in the top slots for each position...those KC fans have become ballot box stuffers that would make Bill the Butcher (Gangs of New York) blush.

If we were to vote for an Angel BESIDES Trout, who would it be? *crickets*