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Is Andrew Heaney also headed for TJ surgery?

Reports have surfaced that Heaney also has a torn UCL and he is trying to rehab it

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

How bad can the Angels rotation news get in one day?  Hint: Much worse.

After it was announced that Garrett Richards is going to need season-ending Tommy John surgery, news broke that Andrew Heaney may be joining him.

Torn UCLs almost always mean surgery, so no one will be surprised if that's what happens here.  In rare cases, like with Masahiro Tanaka, you may be able to avoid it, but in Tanaka's case he throws A LOT of different pitches.

For his part, Heaney (who had a clean MRI in early April), is hoping to avoid season ending surgery with some rehab, and about a week ago received a PRP injection to help with his healing.  Even if this works, Heaney is out for quite some time - months perhaps.  If it doesn't work, he misses the end of the season and all of next if he ends up going the surgery route.  Rushing to surgery now, doesn't necessarily mean he will even pitch in 2017, so it may make sense for him to wait.