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Angels lose to Rays, but they have a selfie stick record and that's all that matters

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2  Rays 5

On the day when the team got horrible news in the form of a looming Garrett Richards Tommy John surgery,  and also dealt with an Andrew Heaney DL stint on the horizon, there was enough doom and gloom vibe in the air to fuel a thousand rants, and then at around noon or 1pm it hit me: there is still a game to be played today. The problem? Things were already bad enough, and a game meant the possibility of a loss, and a loss means the possibility of this terrible excuse of a day to get even worse.

Throw in some selfie stick nonsense at the ballpark and you've got yourself a Friday night that we're better off forgetting ever happened.

The Angels were going to take on the Rays and their young Halo destroyer Chris Archer in game one of their weekend series tonight; that's a rough go any old time, but when Cory Rasmus is your starter and Garrett Richards is his season being shut down, you begin to question whether you're cut out for this whole Angels fan thing. If only it were that simple, though.

We still tuned in, yet we were unfazed when Rasmus gave up four runs in the first inning. We sat there in our recliners or on our couches, coldly staring at the television or computer screen, compulsive tapping the armrest, unmoved as Archer mows down the Angels inning after inning. A 4-0 Rays lead with him backing them up on the mound is a tall order for these guys, as you should know by now.

But hey, the selfie record! The Angels have another Guinness Record...this time for most people taking a selfie while crying because their baseball team is falling to pieces right in front of their eyes. Woohoo! I applaud the crowd on hand for being believable and looking like they actually cared about taking a selfie, and not like they were teetering on the line of starting rotation-induced depression.

The 4-0 lead turned to 5-0, and yes, the Angels would make a tiny run back at the Rays. But this whole day was an exercise in swimming against the tide for the Halos; they were not going to win anything today. Except a selfie stick record, that is. a 5-2 loss and a free fall that would make Tom Petty proud, but we have a damn selfie stick record.