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Pitching once again springs a leak, Angels lose game and series to Indians

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 3  Indians 8

The Angels had a tough time in New York a few days ago, and it would have been nice to come home to a cakewalk of an opponent. Instead, the Halos got a first place Indians team and a rear end whooping that by all accounts should have resulted in a seven-game losing streak, if it weren't for the hero Matt Shoemaker gifting the Angels a win last night (and even then, they nearly gave it away). If you were looking for some reassurance, well, you've come to the wrong place.

David Huff made his second start with the Halos, and he ended up looking very similar to his start in New York. That is to say he got shelled for awhile, blown up on the scoreboard, and then Mike Scioscia had to turn to the bullpen. It was bad from the beginning, with the Indians Francisco Lindor homering in the first. The second had the Indians tagging Huff some more, via Carlos Santana homer, Michael Martinez force out and an RBI single for Lindor. Just like that, Huff's day was done, as he'd get pulled by Scioscia with the Indians up 5-0.

Five outs...that's all that Huff managed to get in today's outing before getting yanked, and while the bullpen did an ok job of keeping the game from getting further out of control, the hole had already been dug. Cleveland's Danny Salazar held the Angels to one run on three hits in his 5.2 IP, and the Indians' bullpen proved to be just as stingy.

The Angels did get a couple runs: Jefry Marte continued his recent outburst of power, and hit another homer; this time a solo bomb in the sixth. A fielding error on a C.J. Cron hit that should have been an out allowed a guy to score, as well. In the ninth, when the game was already pretty far out of reach, Kole Calhoun drove home Johnny Giavotella with a single to right. Three runs total for the day. Not exactly flexing some offensive muscle.

It wouldn't be a series finale if it didn't include some Mike Napoli action, who drove in a run later in the game. It also wouldn't be a day at the Big A without Fernando Salas giving up a big hit, which came in the form of a two-run bomb from Carlos Santana (second of the day) in the ninth, putting the final Indians tally at EIGHT runs.

No matter how much the bullpen failed here, it was the inability to score and the fact that David Huff gave up a bunch of runs in the first two frames that gave us all such a sad loss this Sunday. That's two series in a row, six out of their last seven lost. Oh, and Mike Trout got hit by a pitch and was then taken out of the game. How's that for a Sunday afternoon?