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MondoLinks: A Shoemaker short of being swept, Angels keep trudging along

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Well, that was a weekend of Angels baseball, alright. Two out of three lost to the Indians, narrowly avoiding a sweep and a seven-game losing streak just by the hair of The Bearded One's chin. Shoemaker was, yet again, a lone bright spot in a dark, dark Angels world.

It's a new week, and the Angels are set to face another team that is struggling as hard, if not harder, although this is also the same struggling team that swept the Angels awhile back. It's going to be interesting. Anyway, here are some links!

Heartattack: To compound yesterday's Indians problems, Mike Trout was hit by a pitch (thumb) and taken out of the game. In the moments that followed, Angels fans everywhere were wondering "Is this it? Is this the last time I watch the Angels for a few weeks, until Trout comes off the DL?" Luckily, there is nothing to fear with Trout. Exhale. It is just a contusion and he should be fine. Whew.

The Freak on Deck: Tim Lincecum had his third AAA start yesterday, and he was lights out. 7IP, 1 H, 0 BB, 0 ER, 8 Ks. I think it's safe to say Timmy is ready. That would put his first start this coming weekend, against the A's.

Oh, and here's Tim with a mascot. Fun.

Daniel "DL" Nava: Daniel Nava started his rehab assignments over the weekend, playing for the 66ers. This may interest some people...I am hard pressed to believe he'll solve any problems this team has. Either way, get well, Nava!

Mike Trout hits ball(s): Trout hit a ball to Juan Uribe over the weekend. This ball then hit Uribe in the...crotchal region, as Ron Burgundy would say. Now, Uribe is owner of the most wince-inducing injury in all of baseball: testicular contusion.


Everywhere In Baseball

Panda liked to eat, what ya gonna do?: The Giants talk a bit about Pablo Sandoval's eating habits during his time in San Francisco. Important baseball article of the day, right here.

Nuggets: Som interesting draft trivia for every team and their picks. Like how the Angels drafted Torii Hunter's son (which you probably saw over the weekend).

Bay watchThe warriors ownership apparently wants to buy the A's, and build a new stadium in the East Bay area. Ok.

Stirrups got stuck out of town and needed some one to do some emergency links. You're normally scheduled, well-curated linkage will be back tomorrow. What links did I miss? What are we talking about today, guys?