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Week 10 Halo Recap: The good, the bad, the meh

We're not in last place. Huzzah!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I'll save you the trouble if you are short on time.  The abridged version of this report goes like this:  The Angels were horrible last week and dropped 6 out 7 games, and narrowly missed blowing the 7th game thanks to Huston Street.  There are only 5 teams worse than the Angels right now and fans are already looking forward to that #6 pick in the 2017 draft because that is about all many have to hang their hope on right now.

Yesterday, fans all let out a collective gasp, as Mike Trout left the game after being hit by a pitch.  Thankfully, one of the few reasons to even still watch an Angels game, is okay.

My Angels wall calendar, where I write down the Wins and Losses with Ls and Ws, tells me the Halos have only managed 2 wins so far in June.  If an L looked like a Z, there'd be a whole lot of Zzzzzzzs on that schedule which is kinda what it feels like watching the games lately.

The Angels were swept by the Yankees last week, and just narrowly missed being swept by the Indians, so there is very little good to report.

I did manage to snag an on-field spot for BP before Saturday's game which was one of the highlights of my weekend.  I say this because I got to see Jefry Marte bat and he looked great up close and personal.  HIs bat speed, solid contact and power were very impressive.  On a day when the marine layer was dropping balls like rocks, he absolutely crushed the ball, including one he hit to the top half of the batter's eye.  I was also few feet away from David Huff and I thought about tripping him so he couldn't pitch on Sunday, but then I would have missed Matt Shoemaker's amazing performance after being escorted out of the stadium.

The Angels are on pace to lost 92-93 games this year, which would be the most games lost during the entire Arte Moreno/Mike Scioscia era.


Matt Shoemaker was absolutely lights out on Saturday night.  He put up one the best game scores of the year and threw 8 innings of 3 hit ball with 11 Ks and only 1 walk.  On the week, he struck out 17 over 14.2 IP with only 1 walk and a 2.30 ERA.

Kole Calhoun, aka the Red Baron made a spectacular flying catching in Saturday's game.  Check out the statcast of that amazing play.

Gregorio Petit is making people wonder if we really missed Andrelton Simmons all that much.  Maybe not as flashy in the field, but his bat has been great.  Last week he hit .364/.440/.591

Jefry Marte led the team in homeruns with 3 last week.  He only had a .263 AVG, but it's been fun to watch him mash.

Cam Bedrosian, Mike Morin, and Deolis Guerra were actually pretty good last week.  They put up a combined 12 Ks in 13.1 IP with zero ER and walks allowed.

That's about it really.  If you are looking for more facts in the "good" column, it may be a long year for you.


How much time do we have?

Yunel Error-cobar didn't make an error yesterday, but only because he didn't play in the field.  He made 3 errors in 6 games last week and is second only to Eugenio Suarez from the Reds for most errors by a 3rd baseman in all of MLB.  He has the worst fielding percentage of ALL qualified MLB players.  It's a good thing his bat works.

Carlos Perez struck out 8 times last week to lead the team and managed only 2 hits in 16 AB.

Rafael Ortega had a hot start for the Angels but cooled off enough to find himself on a lonely ride back to Salt Lake.  He batted only .188 last week.

20 million dollar man, Albert Pujols, batted a mere .185 with zero homeruns.

Johnny Giavotella had the worst batting average on team for the regular players.  He hit only .120.

Hector Santiago is a mess.  The club needs to figure out how to help him.  Last week he only managed 1.1 innings before being yanked after allowing 5 ERs on 7 hits and a walk.  It took him 54 pitches to make it even that far.  HIs ERA has gone from 3.58 on May 4th to 5.64.  The only good news is it was his first start in Anaheim this year where he didn't give up a HR.  Silver lining right?

Greg Mahle has been pretty bad as of late as well, and found himself with a ticket back to Salt Lake too.  He pitched in 2 games earlier in the week and gave up 3 ER, 4 hits and a walk in only 1.1 IP.

Huston Street came out in the 9th inning on Saturday night and proceeded to take a crap all over Matt Shoemaker's amazing performance.  He blew a 3-0 lead and Fernando Salas had to come in and bail him out.  His ERA sky-rocketed from .82 to 3.09 after that game.  Those games happen every once in a while, but as a closer you only get one Street.  You can't have games like that very often so hopefully it's out of his system now.  Only on the Angels can a starter get an 86 game score and end up without a win.

The David Huff experiment should be over.  Nice try Billy, but let's move along.  Hopefully he didn't cost us more than a magical bean.  He pitched in two games last week for a total of 5.1 innings.  He gave up 13 hits, 2 walks, and 7 ERs.

Jered Weaver got rocked in New York to the tune of 6 ERs in only 5.1 IP.  Let's save the rockin' for New Year's even in Times Square, ok Weave?

Eight Angels pitchers had a BAA over .300 last week, and seven of those had a WHIP over 1.50.  Now sure what was worse - our pitching or the offense?

The Angels were outscored 23-46 last week.  Having your total runs scored doubled by the other teams is bad right?


The whole week really.  The most exciting thing to happen last week outside of the Shoemaker outing on Saturday was the 2016 MLB draft.  The Angels are at a point where it's more exciting to talk about an 18-year-old who might even blow up and never play in MLB than it is to sit through their painful games.

Mike Scioscia.  Where to start?  It sure would be nice to hear him say things like "Escobar was lolly gagging it to first base and he will be talked to about that.  Maximum effort is what we expect here."  He is the most "meh" manager in all of baseball.  Is he a robot??  Instead we get gems like "The schedule just keeps coming", and ""We need to play better. "We need to do some of things we’ve done periodically during the season on a more consistent basis."