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Andrew Heaney healing, Tyler Skaggs set back and other Angels DL updates

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

So many injuries for the Angels, and new ones popping up every day, or so it seems. It's just been that kind of year, with a DL that's gotten so crowded with guys we were pinning our hopes on during spring training that it's simultaneously funny and cruel. Luckily, some of those guys are headed back to the team soon...some, not so soon. The question then becomes "Will it be too late to even make a difference in 2016?", and right now, as much as I tried to cultivate optimism for his squad, I feel like the answer is "nah".

That said, it's time to take a look at updates we've had in the past week about our banged up, bruised up and bloodied up guys. They may not be saviors of the season, but you have to admit the team is much easier to watch when some of these guys are on the field.

Andrelton Simmons:

Simmons has been doing just fine in his rehab starts in both High A and AAA, and he appears to be ready to rejoin the Halos. It was announced just an hour or two ago that he was headed back to southern California this afternoon, and if all checks out, he'll be activated tomorrow. More Simba on the field is always a blessing...of course, then we'll probably have to say goodbye to Gregorio Petit for the time being, a guy that filled in rather nicely (at the plate, at least) for Simmons in his absence.

C.J. Wilson:

As far as I know, Wilson is still in a holding pattern. But he did rip his shirt the other day, so there's some exciting update for ya!

Tyler Skaggs:

Skaggs seemingly hit a bit of a speed bump in the last day or so. He missed his third extended Spring training start, due to some nagging shoulder stuff. The team is saying he's not shut down, though, so it's not TOO serious. At least, not yet...

Joe Smith and Nick Tropeano:

These two are the most recent DL updates that I've seen, but they also didn't have such drastic injuries as some other guys, so expect them back shortly.

Daniel Nava:

Nava has been playing with the 66ers, rehabbing, all that jazz. He should be back with the team as soon as 3-4 days from now. Unless Jefry Marte steals his job in the interim.

Geovany Soto:

Can't find anything on Soto right now. Last week he had begun throwing the ball, but that's literally all they had him doing. So basically, he's got a ways to go.

Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney:

Richards is supposed to have an MRI in a couple weeks, then they'll have an idea if the stem cell treatment has been working. Heaney, meanwhile, had an ultrasound today, according to Billy Eppler, and it showed "some level of healing". He'll get an MRI in a couple weeks as well, then reassess.