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MLB Draft 2016: Angels' 1st and 3rd round picks officially sign with team, plus more signing updates

The draft is in our rear view mirror, and now the youngsters that just had their MLB dreams finally come true will meet the more grounded, more tedious and more complicated part of being a professional athlete: signing contracts. That's not to say that putting that ink to paper isn't part and parcel of these kids' MLB dreams, though. The business side of things can be a drag, but they'll now be sporting some swollen pockets as they begin the next phase of their young lives: the road to The Show.

Here's today's recap of

The Angels' first round pick, Matt Thaiss, officially became a Halo. There weren't any reported signability issues surrounding Thaiss, so there's no surprise here. As the 16th pick overall, Thaiss had an assigned recommended price tag of $2,660,800, but the Angels reportedly signed him for $2.15 mil. There is no word as of right now regarding the bonus amount.

Here's Matt living the dream:

The Angels also signed their third round pick, Nolan Williams, with an assigned value of $620,100. Our very own Jessica Deline was first with that news of him signing, and Jim Callis is first in reporting his bonus amount, which he reported to be $950,000. Way to go, kid. Nolan is actually at tonight's game, and was hanging around the field during batting practice, meeting all the guys on the team and chatting with Mike Trout.

Here's Nolan living the dream:

That's not all, though, for the Angels and their prospects giving their John Hancock. The Angels also signed:

Connor Justus, fifth round pick, $250,000

Jordan Zimmerman, seventh round pick, $175,000

Troy Montgomery, eighth round pick, $150,000Michael Barash, ninth round pick (looks like he signed in the lobby of a 24 Hour Fitness)

LJ Kalawaia, 21st round pick

Update 06/14/2016 10:21pm:

After tonight's game, the Angels released a list of the players they've signed as of right now. Most of the names are included in this post already, but there are a few that aren't. Check it out: