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The Angels are going to be rocking these New Era Father's Day hats on Sunday

...and I've got a few of them to give away!

This Sunday is Father's Day...the annual, Summer ode to our favorite socks-with-sandals wearers; those overly-hairy, pun-loving jokesters that can show you the ways of the world, all while asking you to pull their finger every 15 minutes. Yep...dads, am I right?

To commemorate the occasion, New Era is outfitting teams with some special Father's Day hats for the first time ever. The Angels are going to be wearing these bad boys on Sunday, with the dark grey cap, with some blue worked into the Angels' logo. This is going to be for all those dads out there, and why not?

But there's actually more to it than just the Angels wearing a different cap. These New Era hats are also raising funds for prostate cancer research and awareness. Every Father's Day cap New Era sells is going to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation, so if you get one of these, you're not only supporting the men out there who showed you how to always blame it on the dog, but you'll be supporting a good cause, as well.

Here's some other really cool news: New Era actually sent me a few of these caps, so I figured why not offer them up to our readers?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

I want to see the best, most funny pics of your dads that you can scrounge up posted in the comments below. Since I have three hats to give away, whatever top three pic comments have the most Rec's by Sunday's game time (1:05 pm pst), those readers will win a free New Era Father's Day Angels hat. Gimme some funny ones, c'mon! Maybe it's of your dad, or your dad's dad...or maybe you are a dad and you want to show off your very own unique dad style. I'll accept 'em all. (oh, and here's the rub: I have three different sizes...7 1/8, 7 3/8 and 7 1/2)

Them's the rules for now, but I reserve the right to change them as needed, and I also reserve the right to wear cargo shorts and not trim my nose a real dad would.