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Mailbag Mayhem: Angels trade chips, Brandon Marsh mania, eating too much spaghetti and MORE!

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Angels fans...we have ourselves a day off. Hope you’ve enjoyed yours thus far, and are making due with no baseball. Normally, I’m all about a day off, especially since we’re kind of winding down on the draft coverage and a break from the action sounds awesome. But today is a bit different, because I’m pining for some Tim Lincecum, and the universe is making me wait on it. Are you guys as excited about seeing what this guy has left for the Halos as I am?

Like our old leader, Rev, said in the comments here recently, if Lincecum can put together some really strong starts, then piece, maybe get a good prospect or two out of it. Anything can happen, right? We’re going to find out soon enough, that’s for sure.

Until then, we’ve got a respite from the harsh baseball world, and a little time to kick back and see where the Halos, and us fans, stand right now. In other words, that’s the air is ripe for some Mailbag Mayhem. People had a lot of questions on this off day, and I’m going to try to cover as many of them as possible. So let’s hop to it!

If by “relevant”, you mean one of the top teams in the league, winning their division almost every year, like the halcyon post-2002 days we grew accustomed to, then it’s probably going to be later. Not sooner. Farm needs to be rebuilt, need an injection of GOOD international talent, and they need Mike Trout to stick around. Could be a couple years. Could be a decade. I’ll make some coffee.

I never really notice those until I happen to get some seats that are in left field nosebleeds. Then, you can see that behind those hedges, it looks like the service entrance of an industrial park or something. That whole area could use an overhaul...meaning it might be time to ditch the rock pile...but if the rock pile is staying, then Arte is going to keep the ugly hedges. Embarrassment never stopped him from making poor decisions before.

16.5 games. Exactly.

I thought someone might bring this topic up. We have no new news to report on Brandon Marsh, other than the fact that the guy that spoke with him, Brandon Sudge, has talked to him since it’s posting, and he’s even more confident of his reporting now than ever before.

As other writers (and commenters here) have noted, there’s still plenty of time for him to change his mind. But if he signs, then I’ll be stoked, because he was probably my favorite pick. But the more I’m hearing behind the scenes from Sudge, I think we nailed this scoop...for better (makes the site look good) or worse (I wanted me some Marsh in an Angels uni!!).

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted on this one, no doubt.

Hey Dad of Vlad...before I dive into his hard hitting question shit, let me give you an early happy Father’s Day, my man! Hope you have a good one.

Re: spaghetti. It’s probably frustration with your job or your favorite baseball team. You’re eating your feelings in the form of spaghetti. But spaghetti is pretty dope, so you could do worse.

Re: potatoes or green beans. Both! If I had to choose one, then potatoes, obvs.

Weaver, there is probably very little chance of that. I like Hector’s stuff coming out of the bullpen WAY more than Weaver. I honestly don’t really see either of those two making that move. Chacin is interesting. He could be a bullpen candidate, actually. Otherwise, he may be odd man out.

One thing I’ve learned about the pitching conundrums though is you have to wait and see. With the way this season has been going, there will be another injury or two that will solve this issue for the team before they even have a chance to think about it. NiTro returning will probably cause a log jam for a week or so, and I think best case scenario, they clear up that jam by trading someone.

C’mon Hector...I know you have a couple more bounce back starts left in you. Build up that value, bro!

Matt Metivier asks: Will the Angels be buyers or sellers with the trade deadline coming up? They have stated that they are in a "win now" mode with Mike Trout, but I just don't think they have the pieces to do so.

The Angels are going to be question about it. Which leads into the next question...

Mike Shumaker asks: I imagine Yunel Escobar has decent trade value with the way he has performed at the plate. Do the Angels deal him before that changes for some good prospects?

He’s one of their biggest trade pieces right now, of course. But the Angels kind of need him, considering he’s been a badass leadoff hitter that they’ve been sorely missing out on for a few seasons. I think it depends on how forward thinking they are. If they think they have a shot in 2017, then they keep him. If they’re looking beyond that, then see what you can get for him.

I think they’ll hang on to him for now. They just DFA’d Kyle Kubitza and after him, you’re looking at guys like Kaleb Cowart when it comes to the future of 3B. That ain’t gonna cut it.

Michael Bedrosian asks: Isn't it time to get some new leadership in place? Look what it did for Pittsburgh in the NHL. It's time to get a new manager.

I get asked this a lot. Mike Scioscia isn’t going anywhere until his contract is up.

Matt Metivier asks: With their 2nd pick not signing, will the Angels get anything in return for it? Supplemental pick?

Yes, if our reporting is correct, and Brandon Marsh doesn’t sign with the Halos, they’ll get one compensation pick at the slot after the one they failed to sign the previous year...meaning pick #61.

Steven Garrison asks: This is a lost season, do you think the angels should start trading pieces, and one of those pieces being calhoun?

This is definitely a guy that other teams would want. I think they hold on to Calhoun, though. You’d see some pitching move first...starters and bullpen arms like Joe Smith or even Cam Bedrosian...and then you’d see maybe Escobar on the block. Calhoun is in the same boat though...if the Angels are scrapping the next season or two, then I can see them shipping away Kole. He’ll probably stay, though. They seem to know what they have in him, and the fans love him.

Matthew Robinson asks: I personally would like to know who our next good pitching prospect would be from the minors. A guy that would probably be ready in a year or two

Nate Smith is the closest arm in the minors right now, but he’s pretty obvious. One guy that I think could make an impact as early as next season (in a bullpen role) would be Eduardo Paredes. He’s in AA right now, still only 21...but I like his stuff and I can see him doing some damage in the near future. Also, Victor Alcantara is always a good one to keep an eye on.

Tim Moore asks: When is Artie gonna sell the team?

In a perfect world, tomorrow. In reality...not any time soon. The team makes money and I think he likes money. Sorry if I bummed you out, but now I’m bummed out, too.

Nicholas Velarde asks: When does the fire sale start?

It’s more like a lukewarm heat source sale. There is no fire anything related to this team. But to your question...July is when the trading will go down. Get hyped.

Alright, folks. That was a good Mailbag Mayhem! Thanks to everybody who sent in some kickass questions, including DoV’s potatoes or green beans query. I’m here to serve you guys, that’s why I get paid the big bucks unbelievably tiny sum of money.

Hope everybody has a good weekend, and join us here for some wall-to-wall Tim Lincecum coverage in the next couple days. I’m so stoked! I think he’ll surprise us all.

Last but not least, happy Father’s Day to all you dads, soon-to-be-dads, guys that just like to dress like 55 year old dads, or to all the moms who had to pull double duty because dad’s a deadbeat. You make the world a great place, one good kid at a time.