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Jered Weaver throws complete game shutout in Father's Day Angels win over A's

And he didn't even need 100 pitches to do it!

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Angels 2  Athletics 0

Wow, what a Father's Day performance from Jered Weaver today; his best start of the season, and he even did it on the road! This definitely wasn't what I was expecting today, but I don't think I'm alone there. Still, it was a commanding performance showing people who is really the #1 Old School Dad on the block.

Weaver finished with a complete game shutout, giving up just three hits to the Athletics. He also did it with only ONE strikeout; it was just a matter of him inducing out after out in every way BUT the strikeout...this is a total dad-style complete game shutout. Those strikeout heavy CGs are for the youngsters.

Weaver was backed up by a huge Carlos Perez homer and an Albert Pujols groundout. They only had two runs, but it may have been 10 or 20 today, with the way Weaver was perplexing the A's. Oh, and Weaver didn't even need 100 pitches to do it. Just 95 on the about weirdly efficient. They call that a Maddux folks, and Weaver just threw a gem of one.

So pardon the Father's Day interruption. Hopefully you're having a good Sunday, and this performance for the ages made it even better. I wont forget this one for some time. Weaver is truly an original.