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MondoLinks: Weave goes to War, Locks up V.

Witchcraft, is what it is. How else to explain how Jered Weaver takes his Little League fastball out to the mound and slices up Major League hitting more efficiently than any CYA candidate all season?

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Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Clayton Kershaw only wishes he were this efficient. Yesterday Weaver did what Kershaw - or anybody - has yet to do this year: throw something called a "Maddux". That would be a complete game shutout in under 100 pitches. Yeah, new to me, too. Anyway, Weave is the first MLB pitcher to pull that off this season, in either league.

Oakland, clearly exhausted from the 26 runs they pasted on the Rangers, were ripe for the picking. 3 runs on Friday, down to 1 run on Saturday, and completely spent for Weaver.  It also helps that Weaver has enjoyed his most success against Oakland throughout his career. Going into yesterday he had faced them 33 times and surrendered a paltry .225 BA. Only a few teams have fared worse against him, but none of those with as many chances to be humiliated. And let's face it, a team built on the plan of not swinging at anything and walking their way around the base paths has to look back at a game where the pitcher never lofted anything in their direction that traveled as fast as 87mph. They shoulda tried swinging. Oh, wait. Weaver only struck out 1 guy. That is another thing that is extremely rare. They DID spend their entire day swinging. And not missing. Wow. Even more embarrassing.

And to think, Weaver was expected to be the very least statistically interesting pitcher to watch yesterday. By a wide margin.

I blame the shoes.

Have some Weaver the Wizard Links:



The Upcoming Series:

Los Angeles Angels @ Houston Astros - Minute Maid Park, Houston, TX.

Day Game Time Probable Pitchers TV
MONDAY 5:10 PM PDT Jhoulys Chacin (2-2, 4.75) vs. Doug Fister (7-3, 3.26 ERA) FS-W
TUESDAY 5:10 PM PDT Hector Santiago (4-4, 5.30 ERA) vs. Collin McHugh (5-5, 4.89 ERA) FS-W
WEDNESDAY 11:10 AM PDT Matt Shoemaker (3-7, 4.50 ERA) vs. Lance McCullers (3-2, 4.24 ERA) FS-W

From the official team Game Notes:  "ASTROS ON DECK: Houston took two of three in first meeting, May 27-29 in Anaheim…Astros claimed 2015 season series 10-9…LAA is 15-7 in last 22 home games vs. Astros but 5-11 in last 16 at Minute Maid Park…Pujols’ 52 HRs are most all-time vs. Astros…Seven of last 19 hits for Pujols against Houston are home runs."


Everywhere In Baseball

Moah Weaver: Yeah, yesterday was pretty damned fine. 161 more of those and we sure would be a fair shot at the playoffs, no? No? Well, Mark Chiarelli, ace MLB reporter, thinks so. Angels need more starts like Weaver's gem. I'm assuming, of course, that Chiarelli writes his own ledes............

Inking: Eppler signed 4th round pick Chris Rodriguez over the weekend. If all that conjecture regarding Brandon Marsh not signing because the Angels wouldn't belly up to his bonus expectations, the news just got worse. Rodriguez signs for almost $400K over slot - nearly double...........

Trout Porn: I don't know if MLB keeps showing these because they are all over pimping Trouty, or that they do it because nobody believes that Mike has an arm, and it's such a surprise.

Impale my Heart: Vlad still loves us. Let's ho it lasts a few more months, since he shows up on the Hall of Fame ballot starting with the very next one. If his legend carries over to the voters, this upcoming year or beyond, he needs to choose a cap...........

Lincecum: Why have maps in the first place if we can't be all over them? Take Tim Lincecum, who was a novel thing to write about over the weekend. Lincecum had a stellar MLB return (but not the same old Freak), and the Angels should be encouraged. And Saturday was nice and all, but let's not get carried away. So don't get so excited. His years as an ace are long gone.........

Ghostly Tales: This popped up over the weekend and kicked off a small gathering of paranormal tales. First I found out that Colorado Rockies pitcher Jon Gray is a firm believer in ghosts, and fancies himself a real ghost hunter. Special meters and everything. That reminded me of the time when Ji-Man Choi was an Angel, and swore he met ghosts in Milwaukee, while the team roosted at the famed Pfister Hotel. Now, as it happens, that Pfister Hotel is pretty well known around the league for spirits. Digging deeper, I found that we have one author who has compiled all sorts of Major and Minor League player hauntings, composing a whole book on the subject.........I'm not going to make any snark here, because I had my own inexplicable episode while tempting the fates at the Paso Robles Inn.....

CWS: The College World Series Final 8 kicked off on Saturday with mixed blessings for we Westerners. UC Santa Barbara suffered a tight 0-1 loss to Oklahoma State, who scored the games lone run on three consecutive singles in the 4th inning. Arizona made amends in the afternoon game by crushing #3 seed Miami (FL) 5-1. It's a double-game elimination tourney, so nobody is out of it yet...but...on Sunday TCU defeated #5 seed Texas Tech and in a huge upset, Coastal Carolina took down #1 seed Florida by hading Florida their first post-season loss this year 2-1. That means that the #1 and #3 seeds are now both in the losers bracket. And that is how UC Santa Barbara now needs to get by that #3 Miami today. Later, Arizona takes on that winning Oklahoma State..........


The Duffle Bag

You only want to have the chance to get excited about top draft picks. Because those are the  ones that work out. Just ask the Dodgers, who traded away their 2010 1st-rounder (28th pick) for infield depth............James Shields can only wish he were as crafty as a Jered Weaver. Because that dude has absolutely imploded.............Fans and their foul balls. Catch one with the beer cup as a glove, chug the beer thereafter.....Casually snag the ball, protect your hot dogs. Oh, yeah, and your daughter............Snatch the ball, turn around and win The Prize. This kid is going to go far............Atlanta reliever Chris Withrow almost failed the mandatory intelligence test given to all players before they are allowed to enter the field of play: open the damned door...........Minor League Baseball "best of..." cap runway show. Lots of food there. I already got me a taco. I think I want the hot dog. It's on sale, even..........


Mystery Graph

(Friday was manager wins by Angels franchise skippers. telinuauthour bagged it. This one should be easy..........)