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If you wanted a cool shirt celebrating Tim Lincecum coming to the Angels, your day has arrived

THE FREAK IS BACK...if only I had a shirt to express such a sentiment. Hey wait!

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Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Hey, do you have some money you're itching to part with AND you're and Angels fan AND you're enamored with the Angels' latest rotation piece, Tim Lincecum?!

Well, I have a shirt for you. No, seriously, this latest shirt from BreakingT is highly relevant to our interests...and it's even inspired by Halos Heaven!  Check it out:

This is the perfect shirt to wear in public to raise Tim Lincecum awareness levels, making sure your friends, family, co-workers and probation officers know, without any uncertainty, THE FREAK IS BACK.

Click here and buy the shirt, right now. What are you waiting for?!

If you're not aware of BreakingT, then you should get familiar with them, because they are pretty darn cool. They have partnered with a ton of SB Nation sites (MLB, NFL, you name it), and they make some rad, fan-inspired, limited run shirts for all us diehards to fawn over.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of some dope, Halos Heaven-born shirts from BreakingT. They listen to US when it comes to designs, so if we as a community come up with some good Halos shirt ideas, then we can work with BreakingT to do 'em up, high quality style. The future of silly and/or badass Angels-related t-shirts is looking bright.