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2016 Draftee Brennon Lund is putting up video game numbers his first week in Orem

Brennon was an 11th round pick out of BYU

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

Why wait until the next draftee update when a player starts out as hot as Brennon Lund has??  Angels fans need something to be excited about lately, so I present to you: Brennon Lund.

21-year old lefty-batting Lund was scooped up the Angels in round 11 of the 2016 draft and promptly found himself playing for the Orem Owlz.  Many of the top prospects landed there, and much was said about Matt Thaiss's debut when he went 3 for 5 with 4 RBIs.  People were talking because he was our first round pick.  Poor Lund was drafted 10 rounds later and one one noticed when he put up numbers like that day after day.  While Thais went 0-fer in his last game (has only played 2 so far), Lund has been tearing it up in his 5 games thus far.

PA = 19
AVG = .529
OBP = .619
SLG = .824
HR = 1
SB = 5
K = 3
Games Played = 5

Those are ridiculous numbers.  Yes, it's only been 5 games, but still, it will be exciting to see how his season in Orem plays out, and how well he adjusts to pro ball (certainly hasn't affected him thusfar).

Lund's known to have a good arm (despite an average rating of 45), and very good speed (55), as well as great bat speed and quick hands (50 hit tool).  Pre draft scouting reports said he profiles as a 4th outfielder and may end up at the bottom of a lineup since he lacks any real power.

His arm score is not that great at 45, but he's been clocked at 93MPH from the outfield so I'm not sure where that is coming from.  He also has a 6.45 60 Yard time.  For reference, Mike Trout has been clocked at 6.4 and Bryce Harper at 6.6 so that is pretty darn fast.

Lund led BYU this past spring with a .387 AVG.  He also had 2HR, 5 triples, 23 walks, and 15 SB in 243 AB.

While Lund is/was a center fielder, the Orem outfield is crowded and Jahmai Jones generally starts in center.  Lund has played a couple games in left and several as DH.  If all this is not yet enough to get you excited about Lund's development, check out this quote:

Lund is putting it all together this year for BYU. In his case, "all" refers to plus speed, easy center field range, a plus arm, and above-average raw power. My soft spot for Jones has to be evident because the player I just described in Lund sounds pretty damn exciting.

And another quote from

The biggest concern with Lund is his religious beliefs, which is not something to be frowned upon by any means. He is of the Mormon faith, and often, young men around Lund's age go on missions to preach. That will not be the case, as he has chosen a path in professional baseball which will be a large pickup for the Angels. Lund has a solid swing from the left-side, but can become slappy at times. He has excellent wrist action in his swing, which should constitute him catching up with any level of pitching in the minors. In the field, Lund profiles best as a corner outfielder with above-average speed.

Congrats on the draft kid - keep showing us what you can do!