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MLB trade rumor: Teams are inquiring about Yunel Escobar, Angels are open to move him

Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

Well, looks like we're at that point: trade season, and in the case of the Angels, it could be more like send-away-anybody-and-everybody-of-any-value season. We kinda/sorta knew this day was coming, with how bad the team has been playing. They are currently 16 games out of first place, the most they've been behind in June since the 2001 season. That year, the Angels would go on to lose 87 games, and it's totally in the realm of possibility that the Halos finish 2016 with an equal, if not larger, tally in the L column.

So yeah, things are not good...and they're not trading Mike Trout, so let's get that out of the way right now. Everybody else is fair game, and as has been speculated around these parts (and pretty much everywhere else in the baseball world), and obvious target is the Angels' recent addition, Yunel Escobar. Teams are officially calling the Angels, and the Angels' ears are open:

Escobar was brought in over the offseason by new GM Billy Eppler, a move where he had to give up young reliever Trevor Gott in the process. But it's been a decent looking trade, if not outright great trade, so far: Escobar is relatively cheap, he's coming off of a pretty good 2015 and so far in 2016, he's looked pretty darn good, as well. He's currently batting .311, and out of leadoff hitters this year in all of MLB (with a minimum of 200 PA), he's top 10 in wOBA (.336) and wRC+ (116).

Of course, he sometimes forgets how many outs there are. Oh, and he'll botch some plays with this glove, and some times when he has a really easy throw to first, he'll air mail it over the 1B's head. But as a leadoff hitter, something the Halos haven't really had in a few years, he's done really well for himself.

With some past year's Angels teams, picking up a guy this good at the plate would have been something that vaults them into a division title. This year, they just aren't good enough to NOT shop him around and see what they can get. He's still got one more year on his current deal, too, and with the team DFA'ing Kyle Kubitza and nobody close to ready other than Kaleb Cowart at farm club hot corners, if they get rid of Escobar, they're creating another need that they'll have to fill come winter.

In the meantime, let the hot stove BEGIN!