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Mondolinks: Red Hot Angels look to add to their one game winning streak

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Yo, it's your boi Mayhem here on the HaloLinks, because world famous Stirrups is doing some serious vacay action in Hawaii right now. He's living the dream, I tell ya. I think he mentioned that he'd be gone for a bit in last week's links, but if not, now you know. Let's all say "aloha" to Stirrups for now, but say "aloha" to me, until it's time to say "aloha" to my links and "aloha" to Stirrups' typical programming when he gets back.


Anyway, Angels had a dumb week that was almost a seven game losing streak, if not for a sac fly walk-off against the friggin' A's yesterday. THE A'S, GUYS! Now, they have the Astros on deck, who have actually been doing ok again as of late. Perfect.

Over the weekend, we saw another article about the current stem cell treatment being received by Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney. Not the first article on this subject, but still interesting nonetheless.

Mike Trout had some new Nike's unveiled to him on Friday, in a parking lot,lit by a ultimate bro truck with green flood lights. Oh. Okay.

We wrote last week about how the hot stove had officially been turned on for the Angels, and the first guy getting his tires kicked was Yunel Escobar. The Giants were a suitor at that point. Now you can add the Mets, too.

Garrett Anderson, one of the laziest and best Angels players ever, is going to get his due when he's inducted into the team's hall of fame on August 20th. Nice.


Everywhere In Baseball

Pete Rose isn't in the Baseball Hall of Fame,but he can now say that he's in the Reds Hall of Fame. So there's always that

Born from the same stadium that gave our community Angela, the Rally Woman of Ill Repute, comes the Shirtless Rally Bros. If it works, I'm down to try this at the Big A. Who's with me?

In my early 20s I worked at TGIFridays, and about a week into my serving training, I had a table of two girls who would go on to write "you're the worst server ever" on the bill when they were leaving. I was pretty green at the job, had just started serving, so I didn't take it personally. In fact, I was kind of proud of that. I wasn't just bad...I was monumentally bad, in their words. I was THE WORST EVER. I mean, not many people can lay claim to that...Edinson Volquez is in a similar boat. He had a bad start on Friday night, but it might actually be the WORST. START. EVER. In which case, take that dubious feather in your cap, dude! Be proud of how well you failed, not many men can do what you've done.

The Mets are reuniting with Jose Reyes. Fans are like "WHAT?!?"

The Orioles hit a lot of dingers. So many dingers, in fact, that they are just 8 dingers away from setting an MLB record for dingers. Dingers dingers dingers.

Here's a guy doing tricks with his bat, because why not?

Here's a pretty dope story about a Nationals fan who brings the joys of baseball to youngsters in Zambia.


Okay, so it's not really about baseball, but let me just use this platform to say one thing:

GAMEOFTHRONES OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best season finale of the series, and best season of the series. Wow.


Mystery Graph

(Note from Stirrups: Last Friday's chart was the Top 21 or so hitting streaks in MLB history...........Because our Guest Links Authors are not doing these charts, don't expect them to be able to give you any clues. Answer in the next Daily Links posting! )