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Matt Shoemaker gives the Angels all they need to win, they blow it anyway

The voodoo curse on Shoemaker has lifted from his pitching and moved to the entire Angels team around him

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2  Astros 4

I feel for Matt Shoemaker, I really do.  This dude figured out his stuff and goes out there every day giving the Angels a chance to win.  He has been pretty awesome his last 8 games and has only 2 wins to show for it.  What does it take to get him some run support?  Shut it down in the bullpen?  Something?  Shoemaker's scoreless 6 innings were wasted tonight, and that is a shame.

Shoemaker and McHugh were both dealing early and not much happened through the first part of this game.  In the third inning, Jose Altuve singled, extending his on base streak to 30 games.  He has been absolutely deadly as of late.  The third ended with a highlight reel dive by Jefry Marte, saving Shoemaker a run.

The first run came in the bottom of the 4th when Mike Trout led off with a 415' bomb to left center field on a low and inside (only 1' off the ground) curveball.  At least someone is looking out for Shoey right??  This was Mike Trout's 3rd home run in 3 straight days, and he pushed that ball out of the park as only Trout can do.

In the top of the 5th, Luis Valbuena tried to match Trout's lead off home run.  HIs ball, which bounced off the top of the right field wall, was ruled a home run, but changed to a double after a review.  Valbuena would end up not scoring and Shoemaker made out out of the inning having still not allowed a run.

Shoemaker would end up leaving the game after throwing 99 pitches through 6 innings.  He struck out 6 and allowed zero runs. Just for good measure, Trout would attempt to help Shoey one more time when he hit a double (his 5th multi hit game in a row) in the bottom of the 6th that would have been a triple if he didn't get snipered rounding second base.  Pujols walked and Cron singled in Trout so Shoey left the game with a 2 run lead.  The inning met a questionable end when Albert Pujols attempted to score from 3rd on a ground ball hit to third.  He was out by a mile and a half and one has to wonder what he was thinking trying to score with the ball right next to him.  Marte followed that mistake with a K and killed the rally.

Mike Morin replaced Shoemaker to start the 7th and the Astros were aggressive with him early.  Carlos Gomez and Evan Gattis lead off the inning with back to back singles and Gomez ended up coming in to score before Deolis Guerra came in to try and save the inning.  Altuve was able to put a single into left field, scoring Carlos Gomez.  We had done it to Shoemaker again and despite pitching 6 scoreless innings, he was no longer in line for a win.

Fernando Salas came in and pitched a scoreless 8th, but he blew up all over the mound in the 9th inning when the Astros started with a double, walk, and a single.  Scioscia sent Salas to the mound with no one initially warming up in the pen.  Talk about confidence in someone who has blown a game about 7 times this year.  Salas gave up the go-ahead run on a sac fly to Carlos Correa, and after walking Colby Rasmus was finally pulled for new Angel J.C. Ramirez.  Ramirez pitched okay until a wild pitch allowed George Springer to score.  He struck out recent call-up A.J. Reed and the Angels were heading into the bottom of the 9th with a 2 run deficit.

In true buttercup fashion, the Angels built us up in the most exciting inning of the game.  Johnny G struck out but made it to first on the passed ball.  He was followed by Marte and Nava who both singled.  Zero outs, and the bases loaded - chasing two runs.  Next up was Jett Bandy who struck out and Andrelton Simmons who grounded into a home to first double play (his 9th GIDP of the year).  The buttercup was complete.

This is just getting so difficult to watch.  Shoemaker pitches his heart out and the Angels still can't win.  Between lack of run support and a bullpen that is anything but shutdown, there seems to be something that falls apart.  This time it was perhaps all of the above.