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TuesdoLinks: Mike Trout is awesome, even when he falls on his face

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

I guess I dodged a bullet last night. I didn't watch the game, had some special geek event to attend at the Arclight in Hollywood, but as I was stuck in my friend's car on the way home on the 5, I was checking out Twitter and saw some good signs.

"Matt Shoemaker is doing great!"

"Mike Trout has another great game!"

Well, sounds good so far. Then I got to the more recent tweets, as I was getting caught up on my timeline.

"Okay, so no win for Matt Shoemaker."

"Oops, looks like the Astros are winning now."

But then, just as I was getting back in OC...

"Bases loaded with no outs in the ninth omg"

I was prepared to get home and read an excellent, victorious post-gamer by the legendary Jessica Deline.

That is not what happened, though. Oh.

Tough times these days in the Halosphere, almost to the point where fans' reactions and ire towards the current Angels ethos has become rote; the refrain has grown stale, but we're compelled to continue to sing it anyway, sort of like a past-their-prime Las Vegas lounge revival act.

Once again, these are the times that try Angels fans' souls. Speaking of trying souls, thanks to Jessica for filling in for last night's failing. That stuff ain't easy when the team is this confounding. But we trudge along, another day and another shot at some cool Mike Trout plays or some Andrelton Simmons web gems or whatever shred of positivity we can hang our mangled Halos hats on. #BlogLife

I'll be at the Big A this afternoon, before the game, for some fun Mike Trout shenanigans, FYI. Be sure to check out the Halos Heaven snapchat (Halosheaven) around 130ish to find out more.

Now, for some Angels stuff:

"We have to be more than Mike Trout". Good luck with that.

Tyler Skaggs had a rehab start!

Mike Trout tripped over second base, just like Jose Altuve did recently. They had a nice lil laugh together about the matter.


Everywhere In Baseball

Here's an article from fivethirtyeight about previously good players who have really bad seasons (specifically focusing on Andrew McCutchen). First thought that came to mind was our very own Albert Pujols, but he ain't been THIS bad.

If you look at the Statcast leaderboard for fastest pitches, it's a whole lot of Aroldis Chapman and nothing else...until now. Cleveland has a dude they just called up that is throwing some smoke. The Indians are having a nice little year so far.

Here's an article from Adweek that tells us how good the Giants are at advertising and marketing. Winning some World Series titles also helps at getting people's attention, but whatevs.

Aledyms Diaz hit himself in the face with a foul, that happened.

NCAA baseball players are exploited. Water, wet.

The Rangers and Yankees had a long one last night, that saw them playing til almost 3am, in front of an empty Yankees stadium. This is basically my nightmare scenario for doing post-game articles.

Kris Bryant had this stat line yesterday: 5-5, with three HRs & two 2Bs. That is a good stat line, I think. I mean, I'm no expert stathead, just my two cents. Seems like that's a good day at the plate, but I dunno.

Okay, til tomorrow, dudes. Again, look for some dumb snaps from me starting around 130pm, as I'll be coming live from the Big A with Mike Trout and something that rhymes with swart mat.


Mystery Graph

(Monday's chart was the Top MLB Defensive bWAR per Season The red stripe was Darin Erstad...........Because our Guest Links Authors are not doing these charts, don't expect them to be able to give you any clues. Answer in the next Daily Links posting! )