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Angels DL updates: Will C.J. Wilson pitch for the Halos ever again?

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Angels Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels are still struggling to win games, and they’ve still got a DL loaded with dudes who were supposed to help them win games. A little cause and effect action going on, yeah? The team wasn’t expected to be a world beater this season, but it also wasn’t expected to have their rotation decimated by injuries or having guys like Andrelton Simmons missing 6 weeks, either.


It’s time for one of my favorite traditions of the 2016 season: the DL update. I recommend taking some Dramamine before reading this sick-making list (note: that was a joke. Don’t actually take Dramamine).

C.J. Wilson:

Wilson is in a tough spot right now. He’s still got shoulder problems, and is not progressing at all. He’s seeking a second opinion this week, so the team will have to wait for that and then see where he stands. I think it was around the last DL update that I gave up hope on Wilson pitching again for the Angels (or ever again).

Tyler Skaggs:

Hey, here’s some good news, though. Skaggs threw a game at single A Inland Empire last night. He pitched four innings, with a line of 1 ER, 4 H, 0 BB, 5 SO. He was throwing in the 90s the entire time. I look forward to him being activated, and then optioned to AAA.

Joe Smith:

Smith has also been with the 66ers recently, getting some innings in. He seems ready to go, will probably be on the team by the time the Angels go to Boston later this week.

Geovany Soto:

Soto is coming along slowly, but he’s coming along. He’ll probably be able to start rehab assignments by the end of this week. Then a week or so after that, we’ll get down to the Perez-Or-Bandy option discussions.

Yunel Escobar:

Esky is a new addition to the injury list, but he’s also the least serious. According to an MRI a couple days ago, he has a bone bruise on his left knee. He’s missed a few games, but no DL trip as of yet. Probably wise to play it safe...he’s legitimate trade bait right now, no need to go and get him all jacked up. He could be back as soon as today, though, if they wanted.

Craig Gentry:

Gentry is still shut down due to an ailing back. He is not playing baseball any time soon, no updates.

Cliff Pennington:

MRI as of yesterday (hamstring) was not good news, so no Pennington in the near future for us.

Cory Rasmus:

15 day DL stint is about up, so should hear something on this soon.

Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney:

I saved the big ones for last. Still works in progress, Heaney and Richards are both going under stem cell treatment right now, to varying results. Both Richards and Heaney had a check up ultrasounds yesterday, so the team is getting an idea of what they’re dealing with. Richards is healing and is “asymptomatic” according to Billy Eppler. He could begin throwing in about six weeks at the earliest.

Heaney, on the other hand, is not healing as the theam had hoped. His ultrasound didn’t show the level of healing that Richards’ did, but the team isn’t stressing it. Yet. They’ll re-evaluate around All Star break, and go from there. While there isn’t any optimal healing in Heaney, they’re not at a point where they need to point him towards surgery. They are taking their time, a wait-and-see approach to his treatment. Hey, fine by me.