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Wednesday HaloLinks: Mike Trout is for the children

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels got wrecked last night, and the descent into madness continues. The only thing worth watching, and this will come as a shock to nobody, is Mike Trout. He’s raking as of late, bringing his average and home run numbers up, and he’s also stealing bases. Cherish him; hold him tight and never let go. He’s all we have.

Speaking of Trout, I went to another media thing surrounding him yesterday at the Big A (more on that in the next few days) and I honestly saw a side of Mike I hadn’t seen before. He’s been on videos with our old leader, Rev, and I’ve personally talked to him a couple times prior to yesterday, and I’ve read just about every other interview or profile done on him. The knock on Trout is that he’s not super interesting, some would even say "boring", but when a writer says this, they mean that he’s not giving any funny, shareable quotes or doing any crazy or eccentric antics.

I can kind of see what they mean, too, but he’s just protecting his persona, keeping it all about baseball. If you want excitement from him, don’t expect to get it from an interview. Expect to get it from his play on the field. Yesterday, though, something cool happened. There were about 6 or 7 little leaguers there at the stadium, varying from about 7 to 10, and they got to spend about 15 minutes with Mike in the dugout, just hanging out and talking about whatever they wanted with him. He was there for them, and them only.

This was a totally different Mike Trout...he was so excited, with genuine happiness on his face. He was cracking jokes, telling stories, imbibing wisdom, asking THEM questions about their lives, etc. The kids were eating it up and honestly, so was I. It made me respect Trout even more than I did before; this dude doesn’t care about giving some sports writers or bloggers a quote or clip that will go viral. He saves that A game for the youngsters (he had also just come from entertaining some kids at CHOC prior to meeting us all at the Big A).

Trout ain’t boring off the field, don’t believe that hype one bit. He’s just a young dude who cares more about the kids growing up, looking up to him and other ballplayers, and he probably has more in common than them than with your average beat writer. He’s planting good baseball seeds in these kids’ minds: hard work, listening to parents, having confidence, being a good person. When he had those kids’ attention, his smile and exuberance could have lit up the Big A.

Mike Trout is a great dude and continues to surprise me just when I think I’ve seen it all from him, on or off the field.

So, that was some fun Angels-related stuff on my mind yesterday. Meanwhile, in the realm of House Moreno, things were predictably bad. But Billy Eppler says everybody needs to chill: no, Mike Scioscia is not getting fired. Oh, and no, they’re not rebuilding.

Tim Lincecum’s start didn’t look so hot, and after the game he said he was trying to "BS my way through it". Look, BS your way through intro to Philosophy in college, or maybe BS your way through an awkward internet hookup, or you could even BS your way through a political campaign. But this is baseball. NO BS’in, bro!

Oh, speaking of starting pitching, Nick Tropeano had a nice night in AAA. Probably didn’t have to BS his way through anything.

Tim Brown of Yahoo says the Angels are fading into irrelevance. In this case, "irrelevance" means "very bad team". Nothing we haven’t heard before. /insert shrug emoji


Everywhere In Baseball

Listening to Korean announcers reacting to Hyun-soo Kim's homer is pretty rad.

Yesterday, the Nats called up MLB's #1 prospect, pitcher Lucas Giolito. I wonder what it's like having good prospects.

Good luck picking your AL All Star pitchers this year!

This is a midwest thing if I've ever heard one...Busch stadium, home of the Cardinals, is going to have a "gun truck" stationed at the stadium after All Star break. Basically, it's a guarded truck where fans, fearing their cars will be broken into and their guns stolen, can put them in this guarded truck to keep their guns safe while they watch baseball. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkayyyyyyyyyyyy duuuuuuuude.

You like viewing things in 4K? You like baseball? Well, there are going to be more games broadcast in 4K in the near future. The future is now.

Mike Trout might have been drooling if he saw the weather at Coors Field yesterday. S*** got real.


Mystery Graph

(Tuesday's chart was the Top 20 career batting averages. Number 11 was Mike Trout...........Because our Guest Links Authors are not doing these charts, don't expect them to be able to give you any clues. Answer in the next Daily Links posting! )