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The terrible Angels finish an epically bad June with a 10-4 loss to Astros, so there's that

Kent Horner/Getty Images

Angels 4  Astros 10

Today's game had it all: losing, losing, some losing, the Angels lost, then they lost, some runs were scored against them and they lost the game, some more losing and finally, they lost. To quote a classic of American cinema, "Action packed, Pee Wee!".

The Angels are one of the most exciting teams in the league right now, finding ways to lose that were previously unheard of, while also showing a penchant for losing like champions. Today's game was no different, as they lost to the Astros 10-4. Now that's what I call losing!

Jered Weaver put on a losing clinic, pitching 5.1 innings and giving up 6 runs. That's some top shelf losing. The bullpen, used to coming in and showing other MLB losers how losing is done, came in and mopped up the loser floor with the winning that I mean they gave up another four runs. Boom!

Is there another team that can lose with such flair and style as these Angels, in the Scioscia era or beyond? Never mind stuff like a Jett Bandy homer or a Kole Calhoun triple. Those were mistakes, and they happen to all world class losers. Focus on two errors committed, or the 12 total hits given up to Houston. That's this team's losing bread and butter.

This month was a bad month for Angels baseball. This month is now over, though, for the team. They can focus on July, and figure out if they can keep up this losing for the rest of the season, or if they'll finally get worn down and actually win some games.