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Thursday HaloLinks: Closed door HaloLinks meeting, Halos Heaven members only in here

Kent Horner/Getty Images

Hey guys, get in here. We're having a closed door HaloLinks today. No media, no reporters, no family...just us Halos Heaven members. What happens in this room stays in this room. Got that? Good.

Now, look, I know things have been tough lately, there have been a lot of losses to deal with and stupid Scioscia quotes to parse over. We had a draft this month, and that's pretty stressful, but there were also all the losing days and nights, the Buttercups as far as the eye can see.

This blog still has a lot of life left in it, though. I think despite the injuries (carpal tunnel, mostly), and all the other obstacles, this website is still loaded with talent and with a few things bouncing our way, we could contend for SB Nation West Champs (this doesn't exist).

There is a lot of season left, plenty of time to go on a nice blogging run, and prove all the doubters wrong.


/throws chair through window

Coincidentally, the Angels also held a closed door meeting last night. They are posers. Pffffft. Too bad closed door meetings don't really do anything...well, besides getting your GM fired (we're basically at the one year anniversary of a closed door meeting that kicked off the public ousting of Jerry Dipoto)

My girlfriend seems to only see Huston Street pitch in meltdowns, so now every time she sees him coming into the game, she tells me they're about to lose. Or when I say the Angels are losing badly, she'll say "Huston Street must have been pitching". Here's an LA Times story which expounds on my gf's view of Streets particular struggles this season.

Jeff Miller of the OC Register has an idea: The Angels should trade players to other teams, in exchange for prospects or players that will help the Angels in the near future. That's thinking out of the box.


Everywhere In Baseball

Should your favorite team become a seller, or sit tight? Well, your favorite team is probably the Halos, in which case. SELL SELL SELL.

Independent league baseball team Sonoma Stompers signed TWO female players yesterday.Big day for women in baseball.

For whatever dumb reason, some members of congress are on a crusade to make it illegal to give a living wage to minor league ballplayers. They basically want to make an exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which will is going to sting for players but help owners keep money in their pockets. Dumb.

Teams are lining up to get a crack at signing Cuban star Yuliesky Gurriel. The Angels are not one of those teams.

The A-Rod era is almost over. In the immortal words of Curly Bill, "Well....bye."

Fangraphs is the latest outlet to try and perfectly pick an All Star roster. Good luck.

Yankees fan drops two foul balls...channeling his inner Ryanfea.

Here's a nice "where are they now" profile of Ken Griffey, Jr. Love this dude.


Mystery Graph

(Wednesday's chart was the Top 20 teams with MLB caps in HoF...........Because our Guest Links Authors are not doing these charts, don't expect them to be able to give you any clues. Answer in the next Daily Links posting! )