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To close out bad June, Angels lose to Thursday 7-1

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1 Thursday 7

It was a tough game to swallow yet again for the Halos, as they finished their terrible month of June with a devastating loss to Thursday. There was just no life in this team, probably still a little sleepy from the previous night's closed door meeting that went til approximately 1130pm pst, during which Mike Scioscia made the team watch the Bobcat Goldthwait movie Hot To Trot in it's entirety.

Jhoulys Chacin was the starter on the hill for the Halos today, and was really no match for Thursday. He gave up 7 H in 4.0 IP, allowing 5 runs in the process. Of course, this line's peculiar horribleness is exacerbated by the fact that he was on an airplane to Boston the entire time.

Mike Trout did his best to keep the Angels in the game, tweeting multiple airplane emojis, but this assault was not enough to combat the rest of the lineup's ineptitude against Thursday, a day they had off from playing baseball. Andrelton Simmons went 0-4 but made a great play when he caught he saw a pillow fall from an overhead cabin on the plane, and caught it before it could hit the ground. This dude can ball...errr, this dude can pillow. You know what I mean.

The bullpen, consisting of Cam Bedrosian making comments about liberals on conservative Facebook pages, didn't do enough to stifle their day off's ability to humiliate the Angels. Runs flowed like wine, and after the game, Mike Scioscia gave his comments on what he thought happened:

"Thursday is a tough matchup for us, especially with injuries we've had, but I think we've built a club that has a good foundation. We just need to find a way to not lose on days where we don't even play. It's tough, but that's why I showed the guys Hot To Trot. I wholeheartedly think that Fred's character arc is similar to our club's right now, and we just need to find that talking horse, voiced by John Candy, that can turn everything around."

This is probably the low point of an already astoundingly bad season; the Angels became the first team in MLB history to lose to a day of the week, and not an actual MLB team. The good news is that tomorrow, the Angels will play the Red Sox, who ARE an actual team, so when they lose to them 8-3, it will be a much more conventional, thereby acceptable, form of losing.

Hopefully July holds better days for the Angels.