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Andrew Heaney is having Tommy John surgery tomorrow

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Here is some news that will kill your day: Andrew Heaney, the young Angels starting pitcher we were hoping would be saved by stem cell therapy, is going to have Tommy John surgery after all. This is horrible news, as it means he'll be out of commission for 2017. Another hefty blow to the Angels' list of injured players, Heaney's news virtually takes the cake as Worst News Of The Year award. Here's the release from the team:

Funny enough...or rather, funny is not the right word, but I saw Andrew Heaney throwing at the Big A the other day. I thought it was odd, because I'd just done an injury update article and I didn't remember hearing anything about him being cleared to throw or not. I ended up just figuring it was part of his therapy. Here's the footage (from far away, sorry):

Guess that stem cell therapy didn't work, which is horrible. Turns out, what I ended up filming (from really far away, I know, sorry) yesterday was  the "testing the ligament" mentioned in the press release. Heaney is having surgery tomorrow, and we'll probably hear something a few weeks after that, but we just went with this from Tyler Skaggs. He injured himself in 2014 and had TJ surgery done...and now it's 2016 and he's still not quite back (but he's close, I'll give him that).

Hope nothing but the best for Heaney. Here's to him fully recovering and getting back to the Angels rotation in 2018. Halos Heaven will be pulling for him. Now, the attention turns to Garrett Richards, who is also undergoing stem cell therapy, although he had a more positive report with his recent ultrasound. Still, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I think JDL's "Don't trade Shoemaker" argument, with this news and possibly more looming on the horizon, gets stronger and stronger every day.