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MLB Draft 2016: Angels and Billy Eppler attempt to replenish a barren system

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The MLB draft is this week, so for all the stragglers and over-it type of Angels fans, this is the place to get caught up quick and join in on the prospect speculating. Here's everything you need to know, in one handy spot.


MLD Draft 2016, where dreams are made and/or crushed. This year, the Angels have PICK # 16 in the first round, #60 in the second round. It will be their highest pick since they took Sean Newcomb at #15 in 2014.


First day of the draft is on June 9th, 2016. It will start at 4pm PST, and you can catch all the action on either or the MLB Network. Check your cable provider for channel listings. That first day will have rounds 1-2 of the draft. Rounds 3-10 begin on June 10th, 2016, at 10am PST, also available on Rounds 11-40 are on June 11, 2016, and you can follow along on

What are the Angels' draft needs?:

They need good players. Any position, really. They just need to have a good draft that takes steps towards rectifying their Worst MLB Farm System status that was often written about earlier this year. They usually like college arms, in terms of pitching, and they like to draft catchers. But this year, Billy Eppler and company will look to take the best guy they can at the #16 spot, with an eye on perhaps even a prep arm (which is NOT in the Angels' usual draft m.o.).

What players are tied to them?:

If you've been following Turk's Teeth's excellent consensus rankings articles, then you'll see a few names tied to the Angels right now via scouts and/or mock drafts. Names like prep OF Alex KirilloffMississippi State RHP Dakota Hudson or Boston College arm Justin Dunn. With the fickle nature of the draft, however, it'd be unwise to fall too much in love with any of these guys, as the Angels could pull a 2015 draft move and take a guy that literally NOBODY had their eye on for the club.

What now?:

Now, we wait, and if you're so inclined, you can make some mock picks yourself. Halos Heaven will still have a few more draft profiles to go, and maybe one more update on the consensus rankings. Then, we'll be at Day Zero, when it all goes down. Hopefully you have a strong stomach, because if it's anything like last year, it'll be one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

Oh, and be sure to check in to Halos Heaven on Thursday for our draft thread. That's always fun and lively, to say the very least.

What guys do you have on your mind for the Halos at that #16 pick or even at #60? Do the Angels and Billy Eppler have some draft magic up their sleeve? Or are there some more safe, signable and utterly forgettable youngsters in store for us on Thursday?