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Angels are wasting Matt Shoemaker's quality starts

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Matt Shoemaker is 3-7, but should be 7-7

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Another brilliant, yet wasted effort by Matt Shoemaker last night.  This made me wonder - how many quality starts have the Angels blown this year?

Quality starts by pitcher:
Jered Weaver = 6
Matt Shoemaker = 5
Hector Santiago = 4
Garrett Richards = 4
Jhoulys Chacin = 3
Nick Tropeano = 2

Quality starts that ended in an Angels loss:

Pitcher Date Oppopnent IP ER Bullpen Meltdown Offense No Show Who Blew It? Final Score
Matt Shoemaker 6-Jun Yankees 7.2 2 YES YES Jose Alvarez 2-5
Matt Shoemaker 1-Jun Tigers 7 2 YES YES Offense 0-3
Matt Shoemaker 21-May Orioles 7.1 0 YES YES Joe Smith 1-3
Matt Shoemaker 19-Apr White Sox 6.1 2 YES YES Offense / Jose Alvarez 0-5
Jered Weaver 17-May Dodgers 7 3 YES YES Offense 1-5
Jered Weaver 7-May Rays 6 1 YES YES Offense / Joe Smith 2-4
Jhoulys Chacin 24-May Rangers 6 3 YES YES Offense / Cam Bedrosian 1-4
Garrett Richards 9-Apr Rangers 6.2 2 NO YES Offense / Defense 1-4
Garrett Richards 20-Apr White Sox 6.1 1 NO YES Offense 1-2

Offense No Show = 2 runs or less
Bullpen Meltdown = 1+ run allowed

The Angels have lost 4 out of 5 quality starts by Matt Shoemaker which equals 80%.  Ouch.  You gotta feel bad for a guy that was struggling, figured it out, then still can't get the wins because his team let him down.

Nick Tropeano fares the best, though he only has had 2 quality starts.  The Angels have won 100% of those games.

In total, the Angels have had 24 quality starts and have lost 9 of those.  I haven't done the stats to compare that to other teams, but the bottom line is that Matt Shoemaker has been getting screwed.

How are the Angels not winning these games?  In EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, they have scored 2 runs or less.  Hard to win a ballgame when you can't score.

In ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ONE of those games, the bullpen has given up at least 1 run, often more.