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Comedy of errors is anything but funny in Angels 6-3 loss to Yankees

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 3  Yankees 6

Game two of the New York Yankees/Los Angeles Angels game was ugly and sad. If you had plans, or got off work a little late, and missed this thing, don't feel bad. If you DVR'd it, then just delete and make room for California's Gold or something else that will actually enrich your life, not eat your soul and leave you as a desecrated husk of a person.

If you missed this game, you missed the Angels doing a bunch of ridiculously bad baseball plays, in a variety of different forms, usually at the detriment to the score and/or their chances to win the game. There were such classics as:

-Yunel Escobar, one day removed from getting chewed out about not running hard enough, forgot the number of outs on the field, and in the process, killed a would-be double play.

-Gregorio Petit couldn't hang on to a perfectly ball thrown by Carlos Perez, to gun down a base-stealer, and let the guy get on second (a play later, he was driven home by Alex Rodriguez single).

-Gregorio Petit at one point had a guaranteed triple...except he missed second base completely and had to go back, settling for a head-scratching double.

-David Huff, guy we barely ever heard of until yesterday, pitched exactly like you'd expect from a guy we barely heard about until yesterday.

-Carlos Betlran homered again. So did Starlin Castro, both guys owned the Halos last night and did it again tonight.

Lots of good (sarcasm, heavy) baseball there, huh?!? If it weren't for a Kole Calhoun bomb and Gregorio Petit single in the fifth, the Angels would have not only been embarrassed, they would have been shutout, too.

Instead, it's just embarrassment, woohoo!!! (?)

Nothing to see here. You were warned, hate to say "I told ya so" if you decide to check it out on the FSW replay and then lose your lunch all over the hardwood floor.