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MLB Draft 2016: Live Action Comment Thread

From pre-show through selection #77, we'll follow the MLB Draft here, pick by pick. Come join the fray!

When is the draft and where do the Angels pick?

It begins today, Thursday, June 9, continues on Friday, June 10, and concludes on Saturday, June 11. On Thursday, teams will makes choices in Round 1, the Competitive Balance Lottery Round A, Round 2, and the Competitive Balance Lottery Round B. Rounds 3-10 will follow on Friday and Rounds 11-40 on Saturday.

The Angels hold two selections on Day 1: Nos. 16 and 60. For the remainder of the draft, the Angels will select twentieth in each round unless a team before them passes.

Can I follow this online?

Yes, will stream MLB Network's coverage as well as provide a draft tracker. There will be online coverage for all 40 rounds. Day 2 starts at 11 a.m. MT and Day 3 at 10 a.m. MT.

Any late breaking news on who the Angels might be targeting?

Several new mocks were released in the past 48 hours by notable draft forecasters, and they're all over the map as far as the Angels are concerned:

Jim Callis, Dakota Hudson, RHP, Mississippi State

Los Angeles would have interest in Kirilloff and otherwise will look at college pitchers such as Hudson and fellow right-handers Cody Sedlock (Illinois), T.J. Zeuch (Pittsburgh) and Jordan Sheffield (Vanderbilt), plus high school hitters such as Georgians Lowe and Will Benson.

Jonathan Mayo, T.J. Zeuch, RHP, Pittsburgh

This could be a very good landing spot for Kirilloff, a player the Angels scouted heavily. With him off the board, most of the other options seem to involve college pitchers, like Dunn (off the board in this scenario), Illinois right-hander Sedlock or Hudson. Zeuch's size (6-foot-7), plus fastball with sink and projectability might be too much to pass up here, though.

Keith Law, ESPN: Alex Kirilloff, OF, Plum HS (Pittsburgh)

I've also heard them with Matt Thaiss, Hudson and Josh Lowe.

(Turk: This is the first I've heard Thaiss, which would be another bat-first alternative to Will Craig on my board. And another first-round catcher, oof! Albeit one who can actually hit, and is probably a 1B or LF down the road.)

John Manuel, Baseball America (Mock 5.2): Alex Kirilloff, OF, Plum HS (Pittsburgh)

Kirilloff has some late helium and might be a backup plan for several teams ahead of 16.

Christopher Crawford, Sports Illustrated: Josh Lowe, 3B, Pope High (Georgia)

The last time the Angels took a Georgia prospect who was highly coveted as both a pitcher and infielder, it was Kaleb Cowart, whom they selected 18th in 2010. That didn’t work out so well: Cowart, a third baseman, has played just 37 games for Los Angeles and hit .173. Lowe’s athleticism and power potential, however, make him one of the most intriguing bats in the class and a good value play for a farm system that needs a lot of help.

Will you be registering all the live action in real-time, so that I never have to leave Halos Heaven this evening?

Naturally, my friend! Look to the comment thread below for all the shrek and glee, and we'll update this board periodically as it happens!

Draft Slot Team Player Chosen
1 Philadelphia Phillies Mickey Moniak
2 Cincinnati Reds Nick Senzel
3 Atlanta Braves Ian Anderson
4 Colorado Rockies Riley Pint
5 Milwaukee Brewers Corey Ray
6 Oakland Athletics A.J. Puk
7 Miami Marlins Braxton Garrett
8 San Diego Padres Cal Quantrill
9 Detroit Tigers Matt Manning
10 Chicago White Sox Zack Collins
11 Seattle Mariners Kyle Lewis
12 Boston Red Sox Jason Groome
13 Tampa Bay Rays Josh Lowe
14 Cleveland Indians Will Benson
15 Minnesota Twins Alex Kirilloff
16 Los Angeles Angels Matt Thaiss
17 Houston Astros Forrest Whitley
18 New York Yankees Blake Rutherford
19 New York Mets Justin Dunn
20 Los Angeles Dodgers Gavin Lux
21 Toronto Blue Jays T.J. Zeuch
22 Pittsburgh Pirates Will Craig
23 St. Louis Cardinals Delvin Perez
24 San Diego Padres Hudson Sanchez
25 San Diego Padres Eric Lauer
26 Chicago White Sox Zack Burdi
27 Baltimore Orioles Cody Sedlock
28 Washington Nationals Carter Kieboom
29 Washington Nationals Dane Dunning
30 Texas Rangers Cole Ragans
31 New York Mets Anthony Kay
32 Los Angeles Dodgers Will Smith
33 St. Louis Cardinals Dylan Carlson
34 St. Louis Cardinals Dakota Hudson
35 Cincinnati Reds Taylor Trammell
36 Los Angeles Dodgers Jordan Sheffield
37 Oakland Athletics Daulton Jefferies
38 Colorado Rockies Robert Tyler
39 Arizona Diamondbacks Anfernee Grier
40 Atlanta Braves Joey Wentz
41 Pittsburgh Pirates Nick Lodolo
42 Philadelphia Phillies Kevin Gowdy
43 Cincinnati Reds Chris Okey
44 Atlanta Braves Kyle Muller
45 Colorado Rockies Ben Bowden
46 Milwaukee Brewers Lucas Erceg
47 Oakland Athletics Logan Shore
48 San Diego Padres Buddy Reed
49 Chicago White Sox Alec Hansen
50 Seattle Mariners Joe Rizzo
51 Boston Red Sox C.J. Chatham
52 Arizona Diamondbacks Andy Yerzy
53 Tampa Bay Rays Ryan Boldt
54 Baltimore Orioles Keegin Akin
55 Cleveland Indians Nolan Jones
56 Minnesota Twins Ben Rortvedt
57 Toronto Blue Jays J.B. Woodman
58 Washington Nationals Sheldon Neuse
59 San Francisco Giants Bryan Reynolds
60 Los Angeles Angels Brandon Marsh
61 Houston Astros Ronnie Dawson
62 New York Yankees Nick Solak
63 Texas Rangers Alex Speas
64 New York Mets Peter Alonso
65 Los Angeles Dodgers Mitchell White
66 Toronto Blue Jays Bo Bichette
67 Kansas City Royals A.J. Puckett
68 Pittsburgh Pirates Travis Macgregor
69 Baltimore Orioles Matthias Dietz
70 St. Louis Cardinals Connor Jones
71 San Diego Padres Reggie Lawson
72 Cleveland Indians Logan Ice
73 Minnesota Twins Jose Miranda
74 Minnesota Twins Akil Baddoo
75 Milwaukee Brewers Mario Feliciano
76 Atlanta Braves Brett Cumberland
77 Tampa Bay Rays Jake Fraley

What would Day One look like if teams just picked the "Best Player Available"?

Well, that's a matter of some debate, but we do have a simulation exercise here called the "consensus big board", which is a weighted average of nearly twenty expert mocks and prospect rankings. The 3.0 version of the big board is below:

Slot Player Team Level & Position Raw Rank
1 A.J. Puk Philadelphia Phillies College LHP 3.00
2 Kyle Lewis Cincinnati Reds College OF 4.12
3 Mickey Moniak Atlanta Braves HS OF 4.41
4 Nick Senzel Colorado Rockies College 3B 4.47
5 Corey Ray Milwaukee Brewers College OF 5.35
6 Jason Groome Oakland Athletics HS LHP 5.47
7 Riley Pint Miami Marlins HS RHP 6.06
8 Braxton Garrett San Diego Padres HS OF 8.71
9 Blake Rutherford Detroit Tigers HS OF 9.35
10 Zack Collins Chicago White Sox College C 12.00
11 Dakota Hudson Seattle Mariners College RHP 12.94
12 Ian Anderson Boston Red Sox HS RHP 13.31
13 Delvin Perez Tampa Bay Rays HS SS 14.13
14 Justin Dunn Cleveland Indians College RHP 16.44
15 Alex Kirilloff Minnesota Twins HS 1B/OF 16.53
16 Matt Manning Los Angeles Angels HS RHP 16.94
17 Forrest Whitley Houston Astros HS RHP 18.59
18 Josh Lowe New York Yankees HS 3B 19.81
19 T.J. Zeuch New York Mets College RHP 21.12
20 Nolan Jones Los Angeles Dodgers HS 3B 21.19
21 Cal Quantrill Toronto Blue Jays College RHP 21.24
22 Will Craig Pittsburgh Pirates College 1B/3B 24.88
23 Jordan Sheffield St. Louis Cardinals College RHP 25.56
24 Cody Sedlock San Diego Padres College RHP 25.69
25 Joey Wentz San Diego Padres HS LHP 25.78
26 Zack Burdi Chicago White Sox College RHRP 25.82
27 Gavin Lux Baltimore Orioles HS SS 25.88
28 Matt Thaiss Washington Nationals College C/1B 26.59
29 Taylor Trammell Washington Nationals HS OF 27.53
30 Bryan Reynolds Texas Rangers College OF 28.57
31 Eric Lauer New York Mets College LHP 29.81
32 Robert Tyler Los Angeles Dodgers College RHP 29.93
33 William Benson St. Louis Cardinals HS 1B/OF 32.71
34 Buddy Reed St. Louis Cardinals College OF 33.83
35 Kevin Gowdy Cincinnati Reds HS RHP 34.33
36 Connor Jones Los Angeles Dodgers College RHP 34.64
37 Kyle Muller Oakland Athletics HS LHP 34.71
38 Jared Horn Colorado Rockies HS RHP 36.42
39 Carter Kieboom Arizona Diamondbacks HS 3B 36.80
40 Anthony Kay Atlanta Braves College LHP 38.00
41 Drew Mendoza Pittsburgh Pirates HS 3B 38.36
42 Chris Okey Philadelphia Phillies College C 41.00
43 Logan Shore Cincinnati Reds College RHP 41.33
44 Alec Hansen Atlanta Braves College RHP 44.22
45 Anfernee Grier Colorado Rockies College OF 45.38
46 Corbin Burnes Milwaukee Brewers College RHP 46.13
47 Dane Dunning Oakland Athletics College RHP 48.20
48 Joe Rizzo San Diego Padres HS 3B 48.88
49 Kyle Funkhouser Chicago White Sox College RHP 52.33
50 Jon Duplantier Seattle Mariners College RHP 52.89
51 Brandon Marsh Boston Red Sox HS OF 53.25
52 Daulton Jefferies Arizona Diamondbacks College RHP 53.38
53 Cole Ragans Tampa Bay Rays HS LHP 55.33
54 Heath Quinn Baltimore Orioles College OF 59.00
55 Sean Murphy Cleveland Indians College C 59.13
56 Jesus Luzardo Minnesota Twins HS LHP 59.50
57 C.J. Chatham Toronto Blue Jays College SS 59.71
58 Bo Bichette Washington Nationals HS 2B/3B 60.43
59 Will Smith San Francisco Giants College C 61.67
60 Ben Rortvedt Los Angeles Angels HS C 62.00
61 Bryson Brigman Houston Astros College SS 62.14
62 Hunter Bishop New York Yankees HS OF 63.29
63 Thomas Jones Texas Rangers HS OF 64.29
64 Cooper Johnson New York Mets HS C 65.14
65 Reggie Lawson Los Angeles Dodgers HS RHP 65.50
66 Jameson Fisher Toronto Blue Jays College OF 66.33
67 A.J. Puckett Kansas City Royals College RHP 68.17
68 Zach Jackson Pittsburgh Pirates College RHP 68.20
69 Ben Bowden Baltimore Orioles College LHP 68.57
70 Ronnie Dawson St. Louis Cardinals College OF 68.80
71 Akil Baddoo San Diego Padres HS OF 69.43
72 Sheldon Neuse Cleveland Indians College 3B/RHP 71.25
73 Braeden Ogle Minnesota Twins HS LHP 75.25
74 Braden Webb Minnesota Twins College RHP 75.80
75 Ryan Rolison Milwaukee Brewers HS LHP 76.25
76 J.B. Woodman Atlanta Braves College OF 77.80
77 Zac Gallen Tampa Bay Rays College RHP 78.75

But of course the Angels aren't going to take a prep pitcher and prep catcher with their first two picks. Or will they?

(Thanks to our SBN peers at Purple Row for showing the way with their MLB draft coverage.)