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Angels continue nose dive, get swept in four game series against the Yankees

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 3  Yankees 6

The Angels lost again tonight, making it an even four-game losing streak, all in the Bronx against the Yankees, all embarrassing. Wow, this is pitiful. Maybe you were watching the draft, though, where the Angels took a catcher in the first that is supposedly one of the better bats in the draft and will probably never play catcher, though. So some interesting news on that front!

This game, though? Pffft. Jhoulys Chacin was fine until everything fell apart in the fifth, when the Yankees dropped five runs on the Angels. The usual suspects were there: Parmelee, A-Rod, Beltran, Gardner. Same bats, same crushing results. The Angels went down to a 5-1 deficit, and they were dead in the water, as good as swept in the big apple.

They had two bright spots: C.J. Cron had an RBI single and Jefry Marte had yet another monster home run in Yankee stadium. The Angels could only counter the New York assault with those three runs, and that was all she wrote. An Alex Rodriguez double in the seventh made it 6-3, Angels lose again and I'm at a loss for words.

Again, the draft was infinitely more interesting, uplifting and entertaining than this baseball game. Let's focus on that for the evening. You wont remember these games in a few weeks, anyway. You may not even be following the Angels at that point, who knows.

Tomorrow the Angels will be back home. Let's hope they forget about this series, and get back to some good baseball with good pitching. New York is in fact NOT alright...