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WeekEnd HaloLinks: Nation looks to the Angels to beat hated Red Sox in holiday weekend series

Harry How/Getty Images

The weekend is here, the Angels are in Boston. The Halos are hamstrung and struggling, bleeding out in the MLB gutter like the loser of a dive bar knife fight. The series is more than a few baseball games; it's a battle. This is a battle for the soul of America, fought in one of the sport's oldest battlegrounds. Will the Angels be up to the task of winning some games against the bad guys?

I don't know. Hey, at the very least, we'll have a holiday weekend of baseball, and we'll see fireworks or go to the beach or bbq with our bruhs. Whatever you do, be safe, have fun, don't blow off any fingers.

Alden Gonzalez has a piece about Dave Hansen and Scott Radinsky bonding over music. Hansen is one of Matt Welch's bros, too, so the guy knows how to make friends with cool dudes.

Andrew Heaney is having TJ surgery today, and here were his words he posted on Twitter yesterday. Dang it.

Some kids are taking a summer class called The Angels Science of Baseball. It apparently teaches math to kids, using baseball. Angels baseball, specifically? Probably not. Hopefully not.


Everywhere In Baseball

Clayton Kershaw is on the 15-day DL and the Dodgers are in trouble! Not really, though. At least compared to my team, what they're going through is barely a speed bump.

So that MiLB/congress hubbub from yesterday was over as quickly as it sprang up. But MiLB fired out a response that was cold as ice.

This little kid got Kris Bryant's autograph, and his reaction is adorable. And I never say things are adorable.

Last night, the Giants played the A's, in Oakland. Madison Bumgarner was pitching, and the Giants said DH? Ha! The Giants straight up declined the DH spot. Bumgarner hit a double in his first plate appearance. Wow.

Five things to know going into trade season. The only thing I need to know the Angels have anti-rebuild DNA. So there!

MLBAM (MLB Advanced Media) is on the forefront of sports media technology, and their video part, JUST THE VIDEO PART, has Disney wanting a piece. The valuation is about $3.5 billion...MLBAM is probably valued at $223 billion jillion dollars or something.

OMG, two days in a row and I get to make a Ryanfea joke, this time involving a Mariners fan botching an easy foul ball grab...twice! Sorry, Ryan. Not sorry. (no, sorry!)

On Monday, the Braves and Marlins are going to play a real deal baseball game at Fort Bragg. It's going to be pretty special, and MLB has some more info here as well as a rundown of other games with neutral sites.


Mystery Graph

(Thursday's chart was the Top 10 Single Season Hit Totals, LAA only...........Because our Guest Links Authors are not doing these charts, don't expect them to be able to give you any clues. Answer in the next Daily Links posting! )