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2016 Los Angeles Angels (unofficial) drinking game

Or how to get through a long season (only try this at home)

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

You may wonder how you are going to get through another 3 months of Angels baseball, right?  The Angels are on pace to set a franchise record for losses which stands at 95.  Maybe you are a super fan who watches every game but still complain because this year's team is garbage.  This doesn't make you any less of a fan because you don't have on rose-colored glasses. It makes you a realist, and probably someone who needs to try out this drinking game next time you are watching our Halos (AT HOME).  Don't drink and drive people!  This is a game to play at home or if you are in the stadium and taking the train or Uber :)  However, it works much better at home while you are posting in the game threads.

Take a sip:

  • Every time an Angels hitter strikes out
  • Every time the Angels ground into a double play
  • Every time the Angels make an out on the basepaths
  • Every time the Angels give up a run
  • Every time Angels pitchers allow a hit or walk
  • Every time Mark Gubicza talks about how the Angels could do something better/different
  • Every time a bad play happens and they show Mike Scioscia with no expression int he dugout
  • Every time someone says velocity and Weaver in the same sentence
  • Every time someone mentions "buttercup" in the game threads

Take a chug:

  • Every time the Angels make an error (two chugs if it's Trout, Simmons, or Calhoun)
  • Every inning that ends with Angels runners on base
  • Every time the Angels give up the lead after the 6th inning
  • Every time an Angels pitcher gives up an extra base hit
  • Every time Angels hitters have a 1-2-3 inning
  • Any time Fernando Salas or Cam Bedrosian enter a game with runners on base
  • Any time Huston Street enters a game
  • Any time an Angels pitchers needs more than 20 pitches to get through an inning

Finish your drink:

  • Every time Yunel Escobar makes an error
  • Matt Shoemaker loses despite a quality start
  • If any announcer mentions how good the Angels are
  • If an Angels pitcher blows a save
  • Every time an Angels starter doesn't last at least 5 innings
  • Any time an Angels pitchers gives up a lead off home run
Do you have suggestions for additional rules? Post them below and maybe we'll add them to the list!!