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Angels drop the series to Baltimore and now we can enjoy the All-Star break

Kole Calhoun tries to win the game himself. Realizes it takes a team.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2 Orioles 4

This will be a short recap since I'm waiting in line to enter the Futures Game at Petco Park and  Josh is visiting Dorothy in Kansas.

Kole Calhoun scored both runs this game, including a run in the top of the first thanks to a Mike Trout triple.

What else happened? Escobar got ejected, Choi did  a belly flop catching a ball,  Simmons made another spectacular catch,  Street gave up a late run in a close game,  The Freak actually pitched pretty well, miscommunication led to a single turning into a triple and the Angels served up another cup of butter.

The Angels only mustered 5 hits and the bullpen let us down again. It's getting to the point where you can almost write a complete recap before the game is over.

The good news is it's All-Star break time and now we can enjoy the next few days of baseball without the heartbreak of another Angels loss.