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FiveThirtyEight gives us more proof we don't need that the Angels are all Mike Trout

Trout has the second highest disparity between his WAR and the average teammate in HISTORY

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

FiveThirtyEight thinks the Angels don't deserve Mike Trout.

Mike Trout is awesome and his team is not.  As we've talked about before, it's pretty much Mike Trout and the other guys.  This FiveThirtyEight article sheds some more light on that.  Check out the link above.

Trout is on pace to have the highest WAR among position players through his age 24 season.  He's likely to pass Ty Cobb for that coveted honor.  No doubt Trout is great.  Among the best to ever play the game and he's on a team that can't get to the World Series (let alone have a winning record).  How many more years will this great talent be on a team that can't compete in the post season?

This article also goes on to talk about how to assign trade value to players, and the short of it is that Mike Trout would have to garner twice the value an an entire top ranked farm system.  In other words, two different teams would have to unload their farm system to make a Trout trade worthwhile.  That being said, the Angels won't trade Trout, nor would they ever get enough of value for him from one team.  Trout is destined to lament away his next few years with a weak supporting cast unless Billy Eppler can do something magical.