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Ji-Man Choi followed his first career homer with a world class mime show

Here come dat Choi

Before the season started, we had some high hopes for Ji-Man Choi. The Rule 5 draft pick was set to be with the the Angels in Arizona, and he would eventually find a place on the already-weak bench when the actual games started. This experiment didn’t go so hot, and with that, Choi was eventually DFA’d to make room for pitching pick-up Jhoulys Chacin.

Choi fell through waivers, and fell through our hearts; he fought for reps at AAA Salt Lake City, slowly getting a better approach at the plate, and his hard work was about to meet blind luck at that fateful intersection known as C.J. Cron DL Stint.

Yes, with Cron out of commission, It was time for Choi to get one more look.

Here come dat Choi, O shit waddup

And now, on July 18th, Choi finally hit the Ji-Spot. He smashed his first MLB home run, hopefully the first of many more to come (or at least the first of maybe a dozen more to come), because I like saying Ji-Man Choi puns.

The must-see part was post-bomb, when Choi strutted proudly into the dugout, only to be met with the open space, people paying attention to everything BUT him and no customary high-fives were to be found. Choi, ever vigilant, decided to just high five a bevy of additional friends and family, right there in the dugout...corporeal beings or not.

Come for that gorgeous home run swing, but stay for the comedic pantomiming.