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Can you have season-ending surgery if your season never even started?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

C.J. Wilson got so buff at Equinox this past off-season, in preparation for a contract year that saw him at the end of his Angels deal, ready to hit free agency. Things were looking up for the former starting rotation piece. The "contract year" narrative is that this would be a good year for Wilson, because there is a payday involved at the end of it.

The bad news, however, first sprung up in Spring Training, as he found discomfort in throwing and was shut down for the time being.

Then, he got back to throwing a couple months later, even getting in a start at high-A Inland Empire 66ers, only to be shut down once again after experiencing some more discomfort. It was at this point that I figured C.J. Wilson would never pitch in an Angels uniform again, and there are now some rumblings out of the Angels camp that this theory may be coming to fruition, as Wilson is mulling over season-ending surgery.

According to Jeff Fletcher of OC Register, the team seems to be leaning that way already, but there is no word from Wilson himself on the subject.

This brings up some interesting thought experiments:

Can one have season-ending surgery if they never even had their season start to begin with?

If C.J. Wilson does crossfit at Equinox but there is nobody around to put it on Instagram, did he even do Crossfit?

If a nibbler falls in a Calabasas mansion and there's nobody around to see it, does it own a Mazda dealership?

If this is the beginning of the end of Wilson's time with the Halos, then happy trails, C.J. The only remaining remnant of the Day of the Panther is now Albert Pujols, who is with the club until we still have that going for us.