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Jered Weaver and Angels beat up Rays 7-2

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Angels 7 Rays 2

Hey, the Angels have won a couple games in a row! If you’ve got a bottle of Dom hanging out somewhere in your house, I think it’s high time you busted that bad boy out, and commence chugging and/or dumping it all over your head. These “winning streaks” only come every few weeks this season, so I suggest making this celebration last as long as possible (or at least until 8:30pm-ish, that’s probably sufficient).

Not only did the Angels beat the similarly struggling Rays today, and not only was it their SECOND such win in a row, but they got it with yet another outpouring of Halos hits and runs, backed by a solid outing from starter Jered Weaver. I said it last night and I’ll say it again now: Why can’t every game be against the Rays?!

Weaver really was sterling out there, throwing some serious 85 mph gas and dispatching Tampa Bay batters with ease. His only black mark on an otherwise superb start was a solo home run to Logan Forsythe in the bottom of the six. That’s it and that’s all. Outside of that, Weaver The Younger finished with a sturdy 6.0 IP, giving up just four hits, while striking out five. Weaver also became the first Angels pitcher to reach 100 innings this year, despite all the doubts we had about him when pitchers and catchers reported. Who’dathunkit?!

The last time the Angels won consecutive games was during their series in Oakland back around June 18th, the same series where Weaver went all Maddux on us for a 95 pitch complete game. The guy has found some really odd, but comforting, success on the road as of late. More of this Weaver, please!

Meanwhile, the Angels were doing the usual things they typically do when they end up winning ballgames.

-Mike Trout homered, his 18th of the season.

-Andrelton Simmons continues to raise his BA up (now at .262), as tonight he went 1-3 with an RBI and a run scored.

-Kole Calhoun had not only an important hit, but a pretty sweet grab in foul territory.

-Yunel Escobar had a 2-5 night, including an RBI and a run scored. He also tried to weasel his way onto first by acting like he got hit by a pitch. When the umps reviewed it, realized he was just doing his best Oscar-worthy performance, and sent him back to the plate, Escobar reacted in perfect Yunel Escobar fashion: he hit a double. This guy, I swear.

-Jett Bandy continued to make his case to stay with the big league team after Geovany Soto comes back, as he went 2-3 with a BB and run scored. The Bandy Man Can is becoming a reality!

The bullpen did an okay job, but they were no Jered Weaver out there, giving up a handful of hits in relief, and another run thanks to new bullpen guy Jhoulys Chacin. Cam Bedrosian came in for the ninth, as the de facto closer in a 7-2 ballgame, and performed nicely, despite giving up a couple hits.

All in all, this was a pleasant game, and even better, it was a victory. Their second in a row. There is still one more to be played tomorrow in Tampa Bay, and then it’s on the Baltimore. Here’s hoping the Angels can take a series, because us fans sure are thirsty for something positive. Yes, I am desperate enough to count a series win against one of the worst teams in the AL as “something positive”. /shrug

So, again: Why can’t they all be against the Rays?