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Two Honks vs The Big A, pt 2: On The Road

Halos Heaven’s very own odd couple, The Two Honks, are back and better than ever. When we last saw them, they were getting hyped for the season. Now, the season is in full swing and they’re going to attempt the impossible: going to an actual Angels game.

Last time on Two Honks vs The Big A, our intrepid, hardcore Angels fan odd couple set out to the stadium to catch a game, but first they had to load the car up.

Today, we catch up with the honks as they’re on the road, heading to watch the Angels, but they find they may have been a little too hasty in their mission to leave the house. Hey, it happens.

Here’s the second installment of the epic, 8-part saga Two Honks vs The Big A:


Mike Ryan: Mike

Ryan Brueckner: Ryan

Directed by Tyler Dacey

Written by Tyler, Mike and Ryan