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People who can play LF better than Ji-Man Choi

Left field is not an important position, is it?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ji-Man Choi is getting the start in LF again because he bats left and righty is on the mound.  Choi was already DFA'd once this year and did pretty good in Salt Lake so was called back up.  But guess what? Aside from his recent 2 homerun game, he can't hit jack squat.

He hit .212 in July and has a .188 so far in August.  His at bats are almost all against right handed pitching.  Can anyone else play LF for the Angels and hit right handed pitching?  Yes. plenty of options.

  1. Shane Robinson.  Not a big fan of his, but you know what?  He is a better option than Choi.  I know, he's right handed, but he has hit .194 against righties which is slightly better than Choi - AND he can actually play left field AND run fast.  You get speed on the bases, better defense, and maybe a marginally better bat.
  2. Gregorio Petit.  Yes, he's an infielder, but he has played left field and did a decent job.  Petit has a .289 against righties.  He's been playing second base lately, but Johnny G doesn't suck that bad and Pennington can always play there as well.
  3. Jefry Marte.  If he's not filling in a first or third, we should keep his bat in the lineup and stick him in left field.  He's got a .269 against righties, and while not an outfielder, he's most definitely better that the Ji-Man in that spot.
  4. Rafael Ortega.  Send Choi back down, we don't need him in left field and Marte can back up the old man at first base until Cron comes back.  Ortega hit .236 against righties before being sent down.
  5. Tim Tebow.  I'll bet he could hit .190 right now and would play a mean left field.  Sign him up Billy.  He's got to better than Choi.
There you have it.  Just a few options for left field.  You are welcome Mike Scioscia.  Who else am I missing??

Nine different players have already been paraded out into left field this year, and I'm sure there will be more.  In 2015 we had 12 different left fields and another 9 played the spot in 2014.  Over the past 3 years, we've seen 27 different players in left field.  Has to be some sort of record, right?