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Angels get swept in Cleveland, have lost 10 in a row

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 4 Indians 5

Today is the special, infamous day. It’s Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining all over the southland, and we just got done witnessing the Angels get swept in four games against the Indians. Beyond that, though, they’ve also now lost ten games in a row.

Ten games. In a row.

TEN GAMES. There is no low point too low for this team, it appears. They got blown out in the previous games against the Indians, but today, Jered Weaver and the Halos actually had a 4-1 lead at one point. But then the fifth and sixth innings saw that position get flipped on it’s head, almost predictably, and the Halos were back behind the 8 ball.


They lost every game in Cleveland, and Chicago...and Seattle. They are a special kind of loser, one that can figure out new and innovative ways to get behind on the scoreboard, and stay there. On top of watching this putrid form of the sport playing out on the field, we also get a couple games in a row of Mike Trout sitting on the bench. Not only does this team Buttercup us in the W/L column, but we get lineup card Buttercup’d, too.

With the scores, the outcomes, and also having to actually wait through some rain delays just to arrive at a sorry conclusion, I can’t imagine I’ll forget this series, or road trip, any time soon (it’s their first win-less road trip of 9+ games in 47 years). I will try to, but I doubt I’ll get those unsettling losses out of my brain any time soon.

But I’ll try.