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Angels sign Joe Pitcher

Billy Eppler continues his never-ending patrol of the waiver wire

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Angels picked up Joe Pitcher.  Pitcher was released from one of the worst teams in baseball, but Eppler saw an opportunity.

"When you look at our bullpen arms, they are literally falling off.  I mean, you should see our bill for duct tape and super glue.  We need some reinforcements and one team's trash is another team's treasure.  It really was a no brainer to sign Joe Pitcher."

Pitcher, now 32 years old was the 158th runner up for MVP back in 2010 when he had his career best 4.38 ERA season with 7 Ks/9.  Over the last few seasons, Pitcher has bounced around from team to team and spent almost his entire 2015 playing in AAA.

This year, before being released, Pitcher was struggling with control a bit and had an 8 BB/9 rate along with a 5.87 ERA.  Eppler said he's confident our pitching staff can work with him to cut down his walks and drop that ERA a half a point.

Don't expect any fireworks for Joe Pitcher since he's seen his velocity drop from 105 MPH to 83 over his past 5 seasons and has lost some break on his curve.  Mike Scioscia plans to use him in high leverage situations when his go-to man Fernando Salas is in need of a day's rest.