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This losing streak goes to 11: Mariners beat Angels 3-2, season can get none more black

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Angels 2 Mariners 3

A Nick Buss ground-rule double. A late, solo homer from Mike Trout. Those were the only time the Angels were able to get to Felix Hernandez. Mike Trout hitting bombs off of King Felix is pretty much a given, but the rest of the team retreating into their own shells and leaving the starting pitching (this time Ricky Nolasco) is also pretty much a given.

Nolasco put forth a good effort in what was ultimately a soft-core duel, going 5.1 innings, only giving up three runs but it was done on eight hits, kinda on the high side. Meanwhile, Hernandez was doing his normal thing, and Nolasco’s three runs given up proved to be just enough to squeak by, get the win, and humiliate the hometown team.

The humiliation, of course, comes from this being the club’s 11th loss in a row. They’re now two losses away from tying the club record. There have only been three other teams that have hit the 11 mark ( ‘74, ‘92 and ‘99).

You almost have to grin, no matter devilishly, at the depths they’re plunging. Because it’s absurd...and we’ve still got so, so far to go.