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Angels' late rally can't make up for early mistakes in 4-3 loss to Mariners

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 3 Mariners 4

Well, that was quick. I remember this feeling. trAdition.

The Mariners were just a lil too much for our hero Halos for most of thi, outside of the first inning, where Albert Pujols and Jefry Marte drove in a couple. Beyond that frame, it was slim pickens for the Halos. There were lots of hits for them, just not that many runs

They had chances, including one inning where Mike Trout and Albert Pujols both left the bases loaded. The Angels just weren't in that type of situational hitting groove.

On the mound, Tyler Skaggs had a bad night, giving up six hits, four runs in just 3.1 innings work. So those early strikes were almost direct torpedos, the rest of the outing became an uphill battle for the Angels. Until the last inning, that is.

In the ninth, the Angels flashed that magic that we saw last night. Cliff Pennington singled and Yunel Escobardrove him home (Escobar had a monster FIVE hit night), Mike Trout drove one up the middle, and then Mike Trout knocked one up the middle and with some base work, Escobar and Trout were at 2nd and 3rd.

Albert Pujols was walked, loading up the bases for the Angels in the ninth, the home team down 4-3, two outs, and the job of hero would land on Andrelton Simmons. He was 1-4 coming into the AB, and Simmons smoked one to third. It took Kyle Seager back at third base, but he had it in his glove and fired off a bullet to first that just barely nabbed Simba. Game over, rally dead. Oh.

They made a run, and made it interesting at the end, at least. Right?