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WeekEnd HaloLinks: The Yanks are coming, the Halos are ready for them

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Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

With a series split against the Mariners in their rear view mirror, the Angels look toward their next series, which is a visit from the "beloved" Yankees. With the way those basic Yank fans fill the Big A on any given year, and given how uninspiring the Angels have been at times lately, I expect the ESPN-loving hordes to be out in full force the next few days. It will be rough, be the Angels can win. Hopefully.

Regardless, it's the weekend, and that by itself is cause for celebration. Bring on New York, and bring on some weekend HaloLinks.

Mark Whicker over at the OC Register decided to talk about Scioscia being fired, because that sure hasn't been brought up before, especially not in the last few years. (/s)

Hey, remember that time when the Angels had a lineup where everybody was hitting .300 or better? Yesterday was the anniversary of that glorious moment in time. Read it, and (most likely) weep.

Tyler Skaggs didn't have the start he wanted to a couple nights ago, so he's going back to the drawing board. That drawing board sure is getting a bunch of use from the Angels this season.

Grant Brisbee took a look at some of the worst storylines of the 2016 season, and one of them was the Tim Lincecum saga. As someone who saw him in his heyday in SF, I'm sure it was bizarre to see him failing so badly in an Angels uniform. It was brutal for us, too, and he is not getting any argument about it out of me.


Everywhere In Baseball

Hal Steinbrenner of the Yankees has some rebuilding to do for his ballclub. He is most likely taking pointers from his front office and some other people in the organization, but apparently he's also taking cues from social media. Ok.

Rob Manfred is talking all sorts of crazy changes to the game, like a pitching clock, changing rosters, putting limits on relievers used, limits on shifts used, etc. Is this crazy talk, or are these things actually going to be coming down the MLB pipeline in a few years?

Here's Joey Votto and Ichiro sharing some snacks on the baseball diamond. Sharing is good.

Another story about the game of baseball itself, and it's aging fans. I guess I'm aging, so technically, this is very relevant to my interests.

Hey, there is another contender when it comes to most jacked up organization and front office in baseball, so the Angels can breathe a slight sigh of relief. The Diamondbacks are a mess, and nobody is sure what to do about it.

Carlos Beltran talks about how Texas is more about baseball than New York. Might that have to do with the fact that one team is struggling, while the other is in first place of their division? That might make it seem like one set of fans is more about it than the other. Oh, and the Cowboys' season hasn't started yet, either. So sure, Texas loves baseball. For now.


Mystery Graph

(Yesterday was single-season stolen-base percentage. Now, some clarity is in order. BBR only lists those players who finished within the top 40 throughout MLB that season. So dudes who stole the one and only base they attempted will not appear with their 100% rating. #34 is Darin Erstad, at 94.118%. Today is surprisingly disappointing.)