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Angels too G.A. to show up on Garrett Anderson night

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Angels 1, Yankees 5

déjà vu |ˌdāZHä ˈvo͞o|

a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.

On a night where we are celebrating the career of Angels legend Garrett Anderson, rather than attempt to recap yet another dreadful loss to the visiting Yankees, I thought it would be more appropriate to remember happier times. Nearly nine years ago to the day, against these same Yankees, GA had a night for the ages:

Garrett came from seemingly out of nowhere in 1995 to solidify a powerful Angels lineup, falling one vote shy of Rookie of the Year honors. Remarkably consistent throughout his Halo career, he lacked the talent of Mike Trout, the power of Reggie Jackson and the pedigree of Tim Salmon. Stat heads called him overrated, Angel fans called him lazy. He seemed to do everything on the field with ease and never once showed a shred of emotion. Even after clearing the bases to essentially clinch the World Series, he maintained the same stoic look we had all grown accustomed to.

Which makes Anderson perhaps the most appropriate inductee into the Angels Hall of Fame. Unassuming and under-appreciated, like much of the history of this franchise. Tonight it was clear just how appreciated he was. Torii Hunter and Troy Percival took the mic to pay tribute, while Jim Edmonds and Adam Kennedy made the trip to the ballpark to honor their old teammate. Even Chili Davis, whom went on the DL when Anderson got the call from AAA way back in '95, took time away from his schedule as Red Sox hitting coach to record a message for Garrett that was broadcast in the stadium.

Yes, there was a game played at Angel Stadium tonight. The Angels lost again, in spectacularly similar fashion as the previous night, save for an Albert Pujols home run in the ninth inning to avoid their second consecutive shutout. Garrett Anderson is certainly no stranger to some tough times in that ballpark. He was also an integral part of the very best times we have seen there. The Angels will see better days, as well, so tonight let us turn the page on this one and tip our caps to an all time Angel great. Congrats on your induction into the Angels Hall of Fame, GA. It is long overdue.