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Mike Trout and bases loaded go together like PB&J, Angels beat Blue Jays 6-3 for series win

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 6 Blue Jays 3

The 2016 Angels are a poor baseball team, in general, but when you look at them primarily through the lens of how they play on the road, then they become a downright abomination. That’s why it’s somewhat shocking that the Halos not only got one win in Toronto this week, but they also won the series. On the road. THE ANGELS WON A ROAD SERIES.

It was just the seventh time this season that they’ve won a series as the visiting team; two of those road series wins were in Oakland, against a fellow AL West cellar dweller. I definitely wasn’t expecting the outcomes we saw in the past two days, but I am accepting these back-to-back wins in Rogers Centre with open and loving arms.

J.A. Happ was holding the Angels in check for the Blue Jays during the first half of this game, which is about what you’d expect from a guy who is currently one of the better pitchers in the American League. Meanwhile, Jered Weaver was doing his damnedest to not get shelled, with pretty successful results. By the time the sixth inning came around, when the action really started, Weaver had escaped with only allowing a couple runs (a Jose Bautista sac fly and a Josh Donaldson homer).

Then that sixth inning came. The Angels would strike paydirt against Happ and the Blue Jays in that inning, ultimately sending seven guys to the plate and scoring four runs, coming back from being down a couple runs to leading 4-2. Two of those runs were from a Mike Trout bases loaded single, one was from an Albert Pujols single and then C.J. Cron got one on a GIDP.

The Angels, and Mike Trout, must have been keenly aware that they need to add as many insurance runs as possible to put this Blue Jays beast to bed, and in the seventh, Trout did exactly that. With the bases loaded yet again, Trout hit a single that drove in two and the Halos were up 6-2.

They were going to do it. They were going to take a road series.

Of course, they still had to close out the game, with Weaver done for the night (5.2 IP, 5 H, 2 ER), and Mike Scioscia turning to the ramshackle ‘pen. Jose Valdez, J.C. Ramirez and Fernando Salas didn’t falter (well, Salas DID allow one run in the ninth), and a solid night for the Angels resulted in yet another win, as well as the series.

This wasn’t an easy game. Toronto could have launched a thousand homers versus Weaver, and Happ could have easily shut down the Halos. But neither of those things happened; instead, we got a whole lot of goodness from Weaver and the relievers, and we saw Mike Trout and the Halos rock Happ and put a damper on the Rogers Centre party.

Keep it rolling, guys. Keep it rolling.