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Pujols got things rockin in Detroit but Tigers roll over the Angels

Pujols gets things rockin in Detroit with a 1st inning blast off Verlander. Rest of the game was more like a really, really slow ballad until Detroit rocked their city.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 2 Tigers 4

In what would be a really slow game for what seemed like an eternity, Albert Pujols gave us hopes of some offensive smashes when he deposited HR #585 over the wall in the first inning.

The game then turned into a slow 80s rock ballad as not much happened for a while, aside from Simmons saving the game tying run at home in the 2nd. Not sure why JD Martinez would try to run home from third on Simmons, but all ended well for the Halos in the 2nd.

At one point both pitchers set down 5 in a row, including five straight Ks from Mr  Kate Upton, one if which was a very generous strike call on a pitch that was closer to Toronto than it was to the strike zone.

Somehow this game had become a pitching duel until the 6th inning. Pop quiz - how many times can the Tigers lead off runner get on base before they score? The answer was apparently 4 times and Martinez squared hit back to back doubles in the 6th, breaking the Tigers run drought. Not to be outdone, Justin Upton (no relation to Kate) hit a 2 run bomb and the Tigers had all they needed, even those greedy Tigers added one more bomb in the 7th before Ricky was pulled.  All told, Nolasco gave up all 4 runs on extra base hits with two doubles and two homeruns.

The Angels brought 6 runners to the plate in the 8th inning and threatened briefly.  Most of us weren't even sure it was allowed for the Angels to score runs in any inning besides the first, but it happened when Kole Calhoun doubled in Kaleb Cowart in the 9th.  Too little, too late and the Angels were only able to muster 4 hits the entire game.

Verlander out-dueled Nolasco and the Tigers out-rocked the Angels, who drop the first game of this series.